The Cedar Point Experience [addendum]

One part I forgot to mention last time… Those of you who know me know that on occasion I can get a bit competitive. Well, it would appear I’m not the only one. While we were driving to Cedar Point, Rachel and I were playing the Alphabet game.. (Alphabet game –> A game where players must find the letters of the alphabet in order from A – Z. This often means finding said letters on Billboards, perhaps trucks, license plates, people’s clothing, etc. Various house rules may exist. E.g.: The letter must be the first letter in the word, you can only use a particular sign once. You can’t use the same word as your opponents. You can’t use signs facing the opposite direction, etc. The first person to get all 26 letters is the winner, and usually then gets to decide if the game is going to continue (by starting to look for another A). Much of the game hinges on a person’s ability to find the key letters: J, Q, and Z.). So we were playing this game, and for a while I was doing alright… I had 2nd place locked up for sure. We had cycled through the entire alphabet 2 or 3 times (okay, one of us had gone through twice, and one of us 3 times, at that point).. and Rachel was very intent on maintaining her lead. As often happens, we were both searching for a Q… and our thoughts were on nothing but getting that Q… It was right around then that we both seemed to notice that the car was no longer on the highway, but had taken an exit ramp that we did not want to take… It just sorta happened… It was very funny. Then the quick trip around this small city to find the on-ramp back to the highway was punctuated by desperate searches around each street corner at each stop sign, hoping for a Quality something or some sort of equipment… we’d settle for Antiques…

The ride continued, as did the game.. and after some time we came upon a few cars with some rather nice license plates. There in front of us were 2 cars with J‘s, one with a Q, and another with a Z.. all this within a span of a few minutes.. Now I was currently on J, and thus got it, and was pleased… but up ahead I saw a semi with a big, proud Q on its side. Rachel noticed it as well.. I began feverishly searching for letters to get up to Q… and Rachel decided this would be a good time to let all the other cars drive past us… just far enough so that the Q Truck would be out of sight (and thus not allowed to be used). Thankfully, some slow traffic, and her losing track of where exactly that truck ended up eventually led to us catching up to it, and I got my Q… Rachel was approaching Q again, and spotted the car (might’ve been an SUV, I don’t remember) with that Q license plate.. and she proceeded to tail that thing for quite some time until she got up to Q, and claimed it as her own. Needless to say, she was proud of herself.

I like games.

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