When Ned Attacks!

My turtle, Ned, had some trouble playing nice with the fish in his tank the other day… i.e. He ate them all within about 20 minutes. Being the kind soul that I am, I sat by and took video clips of the whole thing, cause it was kinda kewl to watch. Now I’m sharing these lovely memories with you… If you really like goldfish you might not like them…

turtle turtle
turtle turtle turtle
  1. Fish #2 meets death under the arch rock.
  2. Going up for air, and setting the scene.
  3. Fish #3 loses a tail fin.
  4. Fish #3 loses more tail.
  5. Fish #4 loses some tail
  6. Attack on fish #4
  7. Fish #4 loses the rest of its tail.
  8. Fish #4 meets death,
  9. Feasting on Fish #4
  10. More feasting
  11. More feasting
  12. Good-bye Fish #4.
  13. Attacks on Fish #3
  14. Basking

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