This one time, at band camp…

Last Saturday I got to experience something new. Rachel and I went to see a High School marching band competition! Her old High School was going to be competing at Kenowa Hills, and as she wanted to see it, and was working on a series of papers for her English class all dealing with marching band, there was an added incentive to go. Anyway, we went, and it was a lot of fun. Rachel had been part of her school’s marching band and colorguard during High School, so she could tell me what all was going on.. and as usual, I took lots of pictures, and repeatedly pointed out how the experience could have been made better with the addition of video game music. The highlight for me was Petoskey High School’s performance. They did a Riverdance theme, with the dancing and music and special drum work and everything. You’ll recall that I very much enjoy the Riverdance, so it’s not too much of a stretch to figure out that I’d prolly like this marching band version of it. The same, sadly, can not be said for a marching band tribute to the music of Styx… a band I can appreciate on mainly a comical level (Cartman singing Come Sail Away is funny.. and although I like Mr. Roboto, I don’t think I can take it seriously as a good piece of music… I think I appreciate it more for it’s inevitable call for people to dance the Robot.). Anyway, look at the pictures.

Lakeshore Kenowa Hills
Petoskey! Petoskey!

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  1. It would be hilarious if some band actually decided to play video game music — especially from 80’s video games. Some people take these marching band competitions way too seriously ;) See you at Cedar Point!

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