August, and Everything After.

I’ve been hella busy lately.. mainly with work, but a few other things thrown in there as well. As for work, it’s going extremely well, which is a good thing, but it does suck up a lot of my time now… especially the days I work from home. I’ll casually look over and notice that it’s already past 7 p.m. Weird. Anyway, it’s not as though a ton has been going on, but I jotted a thing or two down in the idea that at some point I’d have some time and some desire to write… meanwhile weeks have past, and it turns out I never have the time and desire to write these days, so I’ma just quick say a few things and call it good… I’ve still got a little bit from my trip (journals and pictures) to take care of as well. So anyway, here’s some stuff.

  1. The West Wing: I like the West Wing. I started watching it during its second season, as soon as I saw Ed. (It was on right after Ed…) So I saw almost all of season 2. (I started watching Edmidway into the season, but managed to see the first few episodes in order first, that’s to some screwy rerun schedule.) Anyway, this past season of the West Wing (Season 5), I watched only the first few episodes.. just enough to resolve the cliffhanger from the season finale, then stopped watching. I still taped them all (I taped Ed and then just taped the West Wing afterwards…filling the 2 hour tape.) but didn’t even watch the tape, assuming I’d find some time in the summer when I was bored, and needed a good show to watch. Well, it’s summer, and I had just finished watching Arrested Development and Deep Space Nine, and Simpsons Season 4, so I decided to start watching The West Wing…. after one episode, I was hooked.. and I mean big time. I ended up watching the first 4 or 5 episodes in a row, (leaving me up til 4 or 5 in the morning, of course. I got home late from a wedding last weekend, [2:30ish], and started watching, and finally convinced myself to go to sleep around 8:45, having sailed through 8 episodes, unable to stop. I don’t know how many of you out there watch The West Wing, but man, I thought this season was good. I really like Josh and Donna [and I wonder where Amy disappeared to towards the end…], so the end of this season left me screaming for season 6 to start. All this to say “The West Wing is good” and, “I have an addictive personality.”
  2. New Glove: The softball glove I used this season is the same glove I’ve been using since I was in 8th grade. That glove had seen it’s share of joys and sorrows, and had become a close personal friend… but was also showing it’s age. Screaming liners no longer contented themselves with staying firmly embraced by it’s leathery webbing… fingers held together with leather ties were beginning to separate… Also it was brown, and I hate brown. Midway through the season it was quite clear that I needed a new glove… But breaking in a glove during the middle of the season wasn’t going to happen, so now that the summer league is over and done, I’ve gone and found myself a new glove. It’s black, and beautiful.. I’ve found myself on a number of occasions just kinda walking around the house with it on, slamming my fist into it’s palm… I’ve been working on breaking it in, which has proved more difficult then I remembered. I’ve gotten out to play catch with it just once so far. [Yesterday, with Sven.] But anyway, I have a new glove, and to me, that’s a big deal.
  3. Pool Table: Remember how we got that pool table? Yeah, well it turns out having a pool table kicks ass. Now you know.
  4. Alex Gonzalez: Despite my best efforts, Boston is unwilling to give me Nomar in my MVP Baseball season. [I’ve tried straight up for Maddox, Maddox + Gonzo, and a variety of other combinations, all with no success.] Alex Gonzalez was injured for almost 70 games, and has finally returned.. before he left he was not great, but not horrible… in his first 4 games back, he had a 2 homer game, a 3 homer game, then another 2 homer game, then a 1 homer game. Currently, he’s hotter than Sosa, who, just like his real world counterpart, is in a pretty nasty slump. He’s still got 93 homeruns in 99 games, but he’s just not hitting the way he used to. I lost another game, pushing me to 93 – 6.
  5. Fogless Mirror: I bought a fogless mirror. I took a shower… the first thing the mirror did was fog up. I think when choosing a name for something, one key ought to be describing what the product does, as opposed to what it does not do. Seriously.. everyone in marketing should just watch The Muppets take Manhattan until they understand.
  6. # Johnny 5: Know what’s seriously funny? Hearing Joel say “Input!” repeatedly. I was dying.
  7. My Watch: I went to Detroit and was convinced I left my watch there. I was very sad, because I liked my watch, and it made look even sexier than I already am naturally. But yesterday when I was getting back to my car after shopping, I opened the passenger seat, and found it hiding, trapped underneath the passenger seat in such a way where it wasn’t on the ground, but wasn’t really visible from above. Anyway, my watch is back, and I’m pleased.
  8. Ed: Deedre was over the other day, and we watched the first episode of Ed. The first season of Ed is my favorite. It’s… it’s perfect, is really what it is. “Pretty Girls and Waffles” is perhaps the finest hour of television ever created. I look forward to watching more episodes. I’ve begun work [again] on getting each episode into a digital format. It is time consuming.
  9. Mandace: As most of you ought to recall, Mandace moved out to New York.. but she was back 2 weeks ago, and I got to hang out with her a bit. It was very fun to see her again, and she seems to have had a good time while she was back her. She and I went out for lunch as well, so I got a good chance to talk to her for a while. Things out in New York seem to be going well for her, so I am happy about that too.. She is certainly missed back here, though.
  10. My turtle is an idiot. My tank has green rocks in it. Swac’s tank has green, black, and white rocks in it. Swac was gone to Maryland this past week, and while he was gone, i was feeding his turtle. One day I decided to see how his turtle and mine would get along, so I bought Ned over to Swac’s tank. I set him in, and Ned instantly swam to the bottom, and after looking around for a sec, he took a big bit and swallowed a mouthful of black stones. I figured I had missed something, like, say, some food that was there, or something. But nope, there he went again, swallowing a white stone. I estimate he got 7 or 8 stones into his system by the time I got him out of the tank.. He’s stupid, and he eat everything.
  11. E-mail: To all the people I’ve been meaning to e-mail in the past 3 months or so, I’m sorry. Things have been busy, and I kinda suck at stuff.
  12. Media Machine: I had my media machine all set up, and running well (save for a noisy CPU fan) running Fedora Core 1. I’d use it to watch movies, and play music… but I could never get it working with the TV very well… the Linux TV/video card drivers just didn’t seem to like the situation at all. So after much dinking, and some thinking (and realizing that a lot of the linux video game console emulators kinda sucked, I threw a Windows XP install on the machine, and now it’s running quite well. Robb and I actually just watched some Arrested Development on the Living room TV using it, and it ran really well. I’ve also ordered a new super quiet fan, so I think I’m pretty much set. I just gotta install some emulators, and the Media Machine will be complete.
  13. Movies: I watched Can’t But Me Love, Mean Girls, and Stealing Harvard. Can’t Buy Me Love is an 80’s movie that doesn’t hide its age well, but I couldn’t manage to stop myself from watching the whole thing. It’s your typical “Nerd wants to be popular so he hires a cheerleader to pretend to be his girlfriend, but she really falls for him, but he doesn’t realize it, and becomes popular, and goes to far, and becomes a complete asshole, but then becomes humiliated, and realizes all he really wants is the girl, and she for no clear reason gives herself to him shortly after going off on him for turning into such an asshole” type movie. Mean Girls I was expecting to mildly enjoy, but it turned out to be really, really good, I thought. Some of the humor was really well written (I love you, Tina Fey), and some characters (Tim Meadows, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler especially) were just really well done. There were your expected high-schooler type storylines going on, but still, I really liked it. And I was surprised that I liked Stealing Harvard as well. I hate Tom Green, but really like Jason Lee… and this movie made me laugh out loud a number of times as well. Well done, Hollywood. Now make sure Batman doesn’t suck, and I’ll not destroy you with my awesome powers.
  14. Freaks and Geeks: I’m gonna start watching Freaks and Geeks.. I’ve seen the first 3 episodes thus far. I’m excited.
  15. Weddings: Both Erin and Lindsay Veldhof got married. Gwen’s wedding is coming up. I had quite a good time at both weddings… and danced quite a bit at Lindsay’s. (Dino and Selena were there, as Dino DJ’d the thing.. so it was really fun hanging out with them there.) I also got a group to dance the Disco Duck.. which was awesome… and whipped out “the Farmer” transitioning occasionally into “Thriller”. I’m a dancing machine.
  16. An Open Letter: Dear Female Humans: You piss me off. Love, Ron.
  17. That is all, as I am tired, and it’s 2 a.m.

3 thoughts on “August, and Everything After.

  1. Ron,
    You are indeed a dancing machine.
    I am quite sure the “Farmer” will now be a permanent resident of my vast dancing portfolio… I am forever thankful.

  2. At any point in the shower in which you are rinsing soap off your hands, stop when just feel the tiniest bit of slipperiness, and wipe the mirror. It shall remain fogless for the entire shower.

    Mean girls was good.

  3. hey ron – i like the end statement. It cracked me up. Also did I mention the fact there is free booze at my wedding? Wwe’ll get you drunk at my wedding and have a huge dance party — a sort of soul train meets white boys thing. I actually started a blog since it seems like the popular thing to do now -

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