The things that happen when you just want to sleep.

I got home very late today.. and when I looked at my bed, there was a big nasty spider on my pillow. I went to get something to kill him with, and he ran away behind the bed. I spent a lot of time searching, but was unable to find him… and now I can’t sleep, because I’m certain once the light is off, he will come back and crawl on me.

5 thoughts on “The things that happen when you just want to sleep.

  1. I think that’s probably the worst thing I think of happening to me. I don’t think I would have slept in my bed. I probably would have had to burn the enitre room just to make sure it was cleansed. Spiders are mini-demons from hell and deserved to be killed.

  2. Spiders crawl in your mouth while your sleeping on average of 8 times a year. It’s a good source of protein if you accidentally swallow them. Tuuk, spiders are our friends, they eat other more annoying bugs such sas flys and mosquitos. I hate mosquitos.

  3. I’ve heard that spider figure thrown around a fair bit.. usually it’s 4 in a lifetime, or something like that… and it has always sounded pretty made up… Cause I, for one, am a light sleeper, and I sleep with my mouth closed, unless I am sleeping while seated… If a spider somehow managed to pry my mouth open to get inside, I’d certain notice it as it crawled around my mouth…. So with that in mind, I turned to the internet, the final authority on all things stupid and unimportant:

  4. If spiders were our friends, I am quite sure they would wait outside for flies, and mosquitos to attempt entry into my home, then take care of them for me.
    Frogs eat those things as well, and do not play up the whole mini-demon theme. Frogs also see spiders for what they are, and eat them too. DIE SPIDERS! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

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