Name that turtle!

I got a turtle! But I haven’t got a name… and I need some help. I’ve received a number of suggestions… some good (“Ron Santo”) some not so good (Every variation of anything even remotely related to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). So… any suggestions? Note that the following names are not appreciated: New York Yankees players, former girlfriends or roommates, names that I can not repeat to my grandmother, or names that call into question my sexual orientation. That is all. Also, my turtle rules.


17 thoughts on “Name that turtle!

  1. Did you know that turtles can pass Salmonella poison? I had a turtlr and I got rid of it because I freaked out when I heard that!!

    So, for a name, how about Reagan? Get it, Ron and Reagan (Ronald Reagan)!!!

  2. If, indeed, it’s a Mexican turtle, you could name him “tortuga” for “turtle”, or “tortugita” for “little turtle”. Although both of those names kinda suck.

    Otherwise, Finchy.

  3. I have always been fond of Stewart, Simon, and Farquaad. On the mexican theme, try Don Tortuga (It just sounds more classy), or atasco de la perla (“Pearl Jam”), although atasco sounds alot like ‘a taco’…
    Perhaps, ‘habitante del agua’, or Habi for short…

  4. hi, turtle freak :) Im also a owner of a water turtle (2 pseudemys nelsoni)
    think you got a psuedemys there ;)
    Good luck with it, treat it well
    If you got questions email me > its my real adress ;)

  5. Hi there! what a cute turtle you have. I used to have a florida cooter named Nero and I kinda missed him.
    So, good luck and hope you can find him a better name.

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