Softball Season is back!

Last Thursday was our first softball game of the year.. We’re talking the men’s Centerpointe team here, not my church in Zeeland’s men’s league, or the Zeeland Co-ed League, I’ve talked about all three leagues on here before. Anyway, Thursday was our first game, and it was a ton of fun. We faired far better than our first outing last year, though we did still end up with the “L”. I think the final was around 13-12 or so, but I may be off by one of two. The score jumped back and forth most innings, with us playing the visitor, and batting first, establishing a lead of one of two runs, only to fall behind by a couple in the bottom half of the inning. I spent much of my time playing third base, with a 2 inning stint at shortstop. There were quite a few shots to that region, which kept me pretty busy throughout the night, and well… I thought I did alright. The whole team played quite well.. I was quite pleased with our offensive output. A shout out times two toJplant for 1.) throwing a perfect strike from center to me at third to nail a guy trying to go from second to third [and consequently causing them to not risk sending runners from that point on, which was huge] and 2.) trucking around the bases from first on an extra base hit to score a very important run towards the end of the game. There was some serious effort being put forth that night, and quite frankly, that’s just fun to see. So this year ought to be good. I’m sure we’ll have our asses handed to us once or twice, but our team is a good team, and I think we’ll have our share of “W”‘s when all is said and done. Anyway, our games are Thursday nights, and you should come see us play. Ask me if you want time/location.

After the game a group of us headed out to Fridays for some food/drink, and our server was lovely.

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  1. hey ron, did you see the cubs game on sunday
    i watched the last 4 innings of it, it was really exciting.

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