If you happen to be hanging out with me in public sometime soon, and you notice passers-by stopping and looking over, perhaps pointing… maybe even asking for my autograph, don’t be too surprised. You see, I’ve finally hit the big time… I found a bug in PHP5. Yes, that’s right. Local boy becomes huge star… Never mind the fact that I spelled the word “included” as “encluded”, or “likely” as “likley”, or that I formatted the XML in the post so poorly that you couldn’t tell what at all I was talking about.. Nevermind all that… Things are really going to start happening for me now. Look out ladies, the CDATA King has arrived..

So if you see people stopping and staring… pointing and whispering as you and I walk down the street don’t be surprised. You now know why.. Or maybe it’s because I’m not wearing any pants.

3 thoughts on “CDATA King

  1. I swear that link wasn’t visible. I read the post TWICE looking for it, because linking to the bug was the logical thing to do. I was surprised when it wasn’t there. Odd.

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