Those Crazy College Kids

I was checking what time the Guster concert was today at Calvin when I decided to check out the webcam, just to see what all was happening back there. The first image I saw was this:

webcam image

Um… Wha? Can someone at Calvin please tell me what this was all about. I continued to watch.. and these people eventually disappeared of screen, then returned, and seemed to all pretend like they were dead… then eventually they got back up, grabbed their stuff, and left. It was all very odd, and pretty funny… I just didn’t expect to see a giant “OH SHIT” sign pop up on my screen.

So seriously, anyone at Calvin (perhaps someone from the art or drama dept.?), can you please let me know what this was all about? Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Those Crazy College Kids

  1. A friend of mine, a calvin student, said that those kids were riding around campus in cars honking and stuff. Also that car seen there seems to be the engineering dept. electric car project.

  2. Yeah, the electric car was made by Jason Kolk, a good friend of ours, for his Senior Engineering Project. It’s pretty damn rad if you ask me.

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