Because there is something wrong with it.

So I haven’t written in a little bit, but I did add a number of little baseball dealies to the site. It was mostly for me, so I could quickly check a whole bunch of stuff, etc… and I kinda kept going with it for a while. Anyway, hurray for baseball! I’ve very much enjoyed listening to/watching games thus far.. How I’ve missed the zany ramblings of Ron Santo. So Go Cubs!

Speaking of baseball, we were at Strikers the other day (We == Sven, Tim, Mindy, Julie, Trisha, Rachel, and me) and they’ve got mini-golf and batting cages, etc.. So we did enjoy a fairly involved round of mini-golf (where I managed to prove my vindictive nature on a few occasions, and even had a shot named after me: a “Ron Two” (Ron Two –> A mini-golf shot where your first hit somehow manages to return all the way to the starting position (and possibly farther in the wrong direction) and your second hit (from what ought to be the “tee-off” position) is a hole in one, thus resulting in a score of 2.) Good stuff. So afterwards, we did the batting cages.. and today, I was sore. That’s kinda sad. I think I was way too tense doing the fast pitch… but in my defense, at one point the thing shot two balls at me at the same time.. and that ain’t right.

Lent is over… Guess I get to start worrying about girls again. Sweet. I am kinda impressed with how well I did with the “not worrying” for lent… though those close to me know that I did fail on a number of occasions. Once again, in my defense, my life is rarely normal, and my situations with the ladies… well, they’re just plain messed up. Stupid girls.

And props to for sucking [I purchased RAM from them]. It’s been 2 weeks, and still no word, despite a number of emails sent. Looks like I’ll be needing to call them again. I will not be polite.

Julia Stiles has a boyfriend Sigh.

The Swan is evil. Pure evil

and for those of you that are confused:

Clean, thin, and gets along well with women != gay

Sexual attraction to the same gender == gay.

I’m glad we cleared that up. That is all.

4 thoughts on “Because there is something wrong with it.

  1. I anticipate the majority of things changing not at all, save for the occasional night when I can’t sleep, and am convinced that my life is doomed… and allow my mind to grind for hours…

  2. Why are you convinced that your life is doomed? I’m pretty sure it’s not. These all seem like things that could be dealt with one way or another. I’m expecting you to write some response like “Yeah, they can be dealth with…. with a bullet…. in my brain.”, or something similar.

  3. because on the occasional night, late at night, some people are given to thinking rather irrational thoughts, and dwelling on them. I am one of these people.

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