Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?

I’ve been keeping myself busy lately.. (Busy –> Each day is filled with enough activities to keep me occupied for a week or so.) Anyway, as a result, I haven’t written in a while. I used to write later on in the evenings. (i did a few mysql queries, and of the 208 or so entries I’ve made to date, 70 were posted between midnight and 5 a.m. 189 were between 10:00 and 5 am., and 31 were posted after 2:00 am [and before 5].. so yeah, quite a few are written at night.) Anyway, yeah, I’d write in the evenings when everyone else had gone to sleep, and I had nothing to do but watch my stored TV shows and movies, and bitch about the world. It’s now become difficult to find a time when there’s not something better to do, as there’s no longer really a time when everyone else is a sleep. Besides the whole “not getting to write often” thing, I’m fairly pleased with the situation. Anywho… I’ve got some time now, so I’ma write a bit.

I’ll start out with what I’ve been up to, as that’s typically what I end up writing about anyway. Here’s hoping I find something more interesting to talk about as I go along…

Media Machine

The last time I wrote, I was talking about my media machine, and the inbred space nazis that sold me faulty RAM. Well, since I bought the stuff online, I went back to their site, and they said I had to fill out some form to get a return authorization number or something.. so I tried that.. only the form page was broken… So I composed them an email… then tried the form again, and it was working, so I filled it out and submitted that… The form thinger said they’d contact me within 48 hours… they did not. So I emailed them again, telling them the whole deal, and requesting they be swift with their reply, and time was a factor. I got an email back form them a day later, saying they would be calling me the following day. They did not call. So I will be calling them, and I will not be polite. I’ve stolen the RAM from my other machine, and am slowly installing stuff as I see fit, and have time. I’ve got it playing music quite well, and that’s the key thing for right now. Soon I’ll want it playing TV shows and DVDs as well… but all in good time.

The budget

I’ve already slightly altered my budget. Now that $100 is for [just about] everything: groceries, food, evenings out, etc. The only exceptions now are : dates and preplanned purchases. Money not spent during a week is split in half.. Half goes back into savings, and half is added to the $100 for the following week. The only exception to that is this: Say that there’s something I want that is released next week. It costs $50. I can put down $25 right now, say it’s for that purchase, and then next week that $25 [which technically I did not spend during the week] is not chopped in half, as it was “spent” in my head already. Thus purchasing something pricey, (like $100+ pricey) will require some planning ahead… which is a good thing.

I managed to spend the remainder of my Best Buy gift cards (from Christmas)… I finally found Futurama Season 3 [one of the greatest shows ever, I’ve decided], along with the Critic, which I’ve always liked, and Chappelle’s Show season 1 (which is a house favorite). I’ve been trying to find the DVD version of Unreal Tournament 2004 as well, but no one seems to have it.. at least not the 1 store I repeatedly check. If anyone happens to see it, gimme a call, and I’ll give you $ for it. Thanks.


I’ve been having a hard time remembering what it is I’ve been doing each day, as each one has started blending into the other, but a quick recap is worth a shot [standard disclaimer that much of it is a blur, and if you notice something that is wrong, lemme know, so I can fix it… I’ve also given up on complete sentences]:

Monday (3/8)

Work, (I slept in, then had to drive in by myself, and got lost, cause I’m retarded). After work, Joel came over, we went out for some food (Damons.. I had a giant steak and it was wonderful). I would assume we played some sort of game like Mario Party or watched something afterwords.

Tuesday (3/9)

I worked from home. had Lunch with Vroom out at Buffalo Wild Wings. Headed out to Tuuk and Mark’s for some Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles, then the Pickwick. I think Rachel and I watched Cinderella after that.

Wednesday (3/10)

Work…Rachel and I watched the Emperor’s New Groove and the Aristocats.

Thursday (3/11)

Worked from home. Skipped lunch. um… then a blur..

Friday (3/12)

Work, Then Josh and Ann came over, and the 3 of us headed to Damons for dinner (I had another giant steak, and it was wonderful.) We headed home, and met up with Robb, and played some cards and Mario Party for a while. After that, they took off, and I headed to Rachel’s to watch Memento with Rachel and Heather.

Saturday (3/13)

Lan Party 7. Then Max and Ermas with Joel, Tuuk,Jplant, BDF, Mark VA, Caroline, and myself. After that, Rachel and Heather came over and we (Rachel, Heather, Mandace, and I) played Cranium til late.

Sunday (3/14)

My parents were in town, so I got to hang out with the whole family at Jeff, Rebecca, and Steven’s place. After church, I headed off with Rachel on a little road trip and got to see the aftermath of a pretty wretched looking accident. A Jeep Grand Cherokee looked to have rolled a bit, and was pretty well burned. The backup on that side of the highway stretched on for miles and miles, and they eventually shut down that side of the highway. So the return trip involved some back-road adventures, but it would appear Rachel is far better with directions than I am, as she was able to bypass the entire backup without getting us lost. I was impressed. After that, we had dinner at Bennigens, then I helped her study for a psych test.

Monday (3/15)

Work, then counting money for church, then I headed over to Rachel’s to help finish up studying for the psych exam.

Tuesday (3/16)

Work from home, Lunch with Vroom. Rearranged my room, then Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles, then Pickwick, then Mulligans [Green Beer] then Tuuk and Mark’s …then [eventually] home. I enjoyed the green beer.

Wednesday (3/17)

Work, then over to Sven and Julie’s w/ Mindy for pizza and euchre [i love euchre], then over to Rachel’s to watch to watch Moulin Rouge and Big Trouble.

Thursday (3/18)

Work from home, Skipped lunch, then headed out to GR to pick up Mandace, who was having some car trouble. Returned home, and Gwen came over for a while while I worked. Kristin called, and she and I headed out for dinner at Max and Ermas, and she got to meet Rachel. After that, Kristin took off, and I eventually headed over to Rachel’s place to watch part of Cruel Intentions and then Babe.

Friday (3/19)

After work, Sven and I headed out to Chicago for Mike’s bachelor party. We went to Dave and Buster’s , a bar/arcade type place that Steve and I realized we had been to a few years back when we lived at 711 Ethel, and had headed out to Chi-Town with the roommates to visit Timbus. Anyway, we all had big meals, drank beer, and played video games, which is just plain fun. I am still a big fan of the multiplayer Daytona 500… you just drive all nice and normal, and when someone goes to pass, you ride them right into the wall, and they flip… It’s gorgeous. After many games and many beers, we left that place, and after an adventure, we ended up in Indiana, at the Trump “Riverboat” casino. Apparently, it counts as a boat if it’s kinda near water, or something. Anyway, we stood around and watched some friends make money (nicely done, Josh) and others repeatedly make and then lose money (just let it ride on black.) Sven and I finally got home around 6:30 am. We were exhausted.

Saturday (3/20)

I got a number of phone calls from about 9 through 11… I doubt I was coherent to anyone that called. Anyway, Rachel and I went out for lunch (Max and Ermas) Joe was our server.. and he hooked us up with some snazzy deals (like where food doesn’t cost money). After that, I returned home, and since is was a perfect day outside, I went back to sleep. I woke up around 8:30, and quick got myself ready, and headed out to downtown GR to meet up with Lindsay Veldhof, and her brother David, sister Erin, and some of her friends, including Rebecca. Rebecca was Lindsay’s roommate a while back, and that’s how I met her. She’s the one who introduced me to Guster, in fact. Anyway, Rebecca moved back home to the east coast [NJ] and was just in town to visit, so seeing her again was kewl. We met up at 48 West, which was a fairly nice place. I had my fair share of drinks while hanging out there for a few hours, talking with Rebecca, Lindsay, Erin, David, and Erin’s roommate Jen. Good stuff. As I was walking back to my car with Erin and her roommate, we passed the Black Rose, and I peeked in to see Jonathan’s band, Craic Wisely playing. I thought that was pretty kewl. Eventually I headed home, watched a Futurama, then slept.

Sunday (3/21)

I headed off to the Veldhof’s for lunch, and got to hang out with Rebecca and Jen who were both there as well. After heading home, I fell asleep.. and continued to sleep pretty much all day. I woke up to see Arrested Development, Home Movies, and Chappelle’s Show, and now I’m wide awake at 4 am. That was some poor planning on my part.

I love the Internet

A series of improperly entered URL’s eventually led me to this picture:

bridge picture


Thanks to Joel, we got to watch the movie/documentary Trekkies. It’s a documentary about star trek fans, obviously, and it’s one of those things where, as a trek fan myself, I wasn’t every really sure if I should be laughing, be horribly embarrassed, or what.. Now, granted, they picked the weirdest of the weird, and the most socially awkward people they could find to follow around. Some of them were just kinda.. well.. weird.. Like the dentist family that decked out the entire dentist office with Star Trek stuff. I can pass that off as being a marketing decision…. Nevermind the wearing the uniforms outside of the workplace (*coughfreakcough*)… It’s frightening when these are the people are the ones that seem relatively normal.. it’s all a matter of comparison. My favorite was the geeky kid who was trying so hard to come across as a serious trek fan / visionary / not complete social reject-nerd-teenager freak kid. Sadly, he failed. You mix his frightening obsession (which I’m completely willing to ignore.. teenagers have a lot of free time, and a tendency to go overboard on things) with trek, and add that to his repeated misuse/mispronunciation of “big words” like debacle and plethora, and then top it all off with his general jackassiness when it came to the new uniforms that were made for him (I believe for his part in the home made Star Trek movie he helped write, and was doing the special effects for). This is the kid that makes every other Trek fan look bad to non-Trek fans. I’m not sure whether to laugh at him, or just kick his ass. There were other people there that, quite frankly, have some sort of disorder(s?) that really require treatment. Maybe sometimes telling someone that it’s not okay to pretend you’re a captain on a spaceship when you’re a freaky 40+ year old working at printing ship is a good thing. And no, I will not call you commander.

I guess I draw the line between okay and not okay with whether or not you’re willing to laugh at yourself about it. Some of these fans recognize it for what it is. They’re fans, but they realize there’s a real life out there too, and the width of the stripe on the cuff of your “First Contact” uniform isn’t really a life or death issue. Just push up the bridge of your glasses and let out a nasally laugh and call it good. Just don’t dress up like a woman and start singing… the experience as a whole: disturbing

I should sleep..

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