You are an idiot.

So I mentioned a little while ago that the RAM that got sent for my entertainment machine was faulty. I ran a few tests on it, and it failed spectacularly on each one… so yeah.. bad RAM. I went to the website, tried filling out the “I need to return this POS you sent me” form, but it was broken, so I composed and email to them… then through a series of pages found another link to a return request form, and I filled that one out, and it went through, and after sending the thing in, the resulting page said this:

Dear Customer:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your RMA issue.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you didn’t heard any answer from us within 24–48 business hours.

Um… what? Okay, they’ll be getting back to me as soon as possible.. and if I haven’t heard from them withing 2 days….. Then what!? Also, “didn’t heard” ?! Whatever… I’m just looking to be done with these people.

24 hours pass….

24 more hours pass…

I sent another email, explaining that I had filled out the form in order to return the faulty RAM, and had run tests proving that the RAM was bad, and hadn’t received anything in 2 days, and wanted them to respond as soon as possible.

The next day, I got an email saying they had received my email (the latest one, I’m assuming) and that they were going to personally going to pass it along to the RMA department, and I should be receiving a phone call from them the next morning [Friday].. and if I didn’t get a call, I should call them [and of course no phone number was given.]

To no one’s surprise, Friday came and went without a phone call… I was off in Chicago, if you’ll recall, so yeah.. So finally, on Monday, with still no calls and no emails, I gave them a call. Here’s a snippet of that conversation:

Me: Hi, This is Ron Veenstra. I sent in a return request, and filled out the RMA form, and eventually got an email saying I was supposed to talk to you about getting an RMA number (The RMA number was all I needed. I slap that on package, along with the order number and address, and I can send it off and get the RAM replaced).

Ass-Clown: Okay. [long pause] Did you fill out the RMA form?

Me: Yeah, I filled out the form… and I didn’t hear anything from you in 2 days, so I sent an email, and I got a response from that a day later, saying you guys were going to call me… but I never got that call.

Ass-Clown: [long pause] What was the email address for that?

Me: Um… [thinking: wouldn’t indexing it by order number make more sense? Whatever…]
* I give him my email address

Ass-Clown: [long pause] Um… [another long pause] Yeah, we never received that email.

Me: What email didn’t you receive?

Ass-Clown: The email from that address

Me: I sent 4 from that address, and you replied to one of them. You must have gotten at least one of them, then, right?

Ass-Clown: [Long Pause] Okay… I’m going to put you on hold.

Me: [WTF?]

Eventually he returned, and asked for my order number, and issued me a RMA number, and I was all set to return the thing, which I did today. If they

  1. Don’t send me new RAM
  2. Send me more broken RAM
  3. Send me the same broken RAM

.. if they do any of those things, I will kill all the humans

6 thoughts on “You are an idiot.

  1. The other caveat with ordering from a number of different places: the chances of picking a clueless, crappy vendor are higher.

    Good luck!

  2. I hear that. Remember that debacle I had with a server I built from a myriad of different places? Let’s see…

    1. Wrong processors sent to me (XPs sent in MP boxes)
    2. Wrong case (vendor lied), and also they ‘forgot I ordered it’ and didn’t ship (but they charged me!)
    3. Wrong hard drives sent to me
    4. SCSI card wouldn’t fit (1 mm difference)
    5. Bad motherboard
    6. Motherboard had a wierd caveat where you had to have special ram if over 512M
    7. as a result of #2, I had to hand-modify a power supply to make it work.

    Because of all the crappiness here, my card started being rejected because I had some 4 grand in computer hardware purchases.

    For those reasons, I am VERY leery of buying from the net. Well, that and being screwed twice on ebay, too.

  3. Yeah.. see… that sucks.

    I’ve had pretty good luck thus far..even with ebay… I used to do a *lot* of ebay.. I had two problems w/ ebay :

    1.When I bought my laptop, they took forever to send it, and then when I finally got it (I threatened legal action) it smelled of smoke.
    2. I ordered something, and the guy responded.. I sent the money, and the guy disappeared. 8 months later, he emailed me (I had emailed him a few times, and then just gave up), and sent the thing. It was very odd.

    So this is the first real time a “real” online store has dicked me. From now on I’m sticking with names I trust, and I’ll just deal w/ spending a little more if need be.

    I’m hoping I don’t have this many problems with my Russian mail order bride.

  4. I don’t think I can say this enough, but your life is very amusing.

    Hopefully you can sleep better at night knowing you are providing entertainment and laughter to the 5 people that read your website.

    (ok, probably more like 10…but you’re still fun to laugh at. no offense….well, maybe a little.)

  5. Quick resonse to the trekkie journal
    1. The geekiness reminds me of Calvin’s gaming club Jeff was a part of. He was one of two more normal looking member and one of three who bathed more than bi-annually.
    2. What separates the Veenstras from the other geeks is their willingness to laugh at themselves.

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