A Hazy Recollection

So I’ve been staying out/up kinda late the last few weeks or so, and have managed to even further screw up my “normal” sleep schedule. So I’ve tried to reconstruct the activities of the last 2 weeks to chart out when exactly I’ve been going to sleep each evening. I’ve found it hard to remember what all I did each day, and so some of the days might be off, but I think they’re pretty close. Anyway, come marvel at my ability to function somewhat productively while systematically eliminating all the things the body needs to survive:

Sunday (Feb. 8)

After a very long and trying day, I found it necessary to get out of my house.. So eventually Mindy and I went and saw Along Came Polly. I thought it was funny, but not spectacular. We went to the latest showing (but sadly did not have the theater to ourselves like we did for Mona Lisa Smile), so I finally got home sometime after 1:00/1:30. I then had great trouble getting to sleep.
[asleep ~ 2:30 a.m.]

Monday (Feb. 9)

Work. I had dinner at Max and Ermas with Joel, Swac, and Mandace. Had a couple. We headed back home and played some Mario Tennis for quite a while. Once again I had trouble sleeping…
[asleep at 2:45 a.m.]

Tuesday (Feb. 10)

Worked from home. Met Tim for lunch at Max and Ermas. Rachel later joined us, and I ended up chatting with her for an hour or two after Tim took off. Headed back and got my work finished. Kristin and I went out shopping, and I got myself a snazzy watch. We then had some dinner, and then she headed home, and I headed out for the Pickwick. Had a couple. I got a call from Rachel, and afterwards headed over to her place, and Joe, Rachel and I watched a movie. (Sliding Doors). After it was done, Rachel tossed in About a Boy, so we watched that. I finally headed home around 4:00.
[asleep at 4:30 a.m.]

Wednesday (Feb. 11)

Went in to work… I drove, which was an experience…[I was tired…] Worked. Made it home, and fell asleep. Woke up at around 8, and quick drove out to Tuuk‘s place to join Tuuk, Mark, and Joel for Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles. That game rules. I’m a Selkie girl [of questionable morality, based on attire]. Anyway, 4 player Zelda-esque goodness == hella fun. I got a call from Rachel while we were playing, so after I left (11ish?), I headed over to her place, and there was a bit of a party going on… a few hours later Joe drove me home. After short online chats with Joel, Steve, and Peter, I headed off to sleep.
[asleep at 3:30]

Thursday (Feb. 12)

Work. I joined Mindy at Max and Ermas for lunch, as is the routine. Rachel picked me up from there, and brought me back to her place so I could get my car. Worked the rest of that day, then intended to get a lot of sleep, as I was quite tired. I got into bed at 9, and watched some Futurama, and some Arrested Development, and an episode of Scrubs then got a call from Joe, and joined him at Knoshville, and hung out with him until around 2:30 then headed home.
[asleep at 3:00 a.m.]

Friday (Feb. 13)

Worked. Afterwards I headed over to Tuuk’s place, and the group got together for some more Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles fun. I was pretty exhausted, So we hung out for a while afterwards, played some trivial pursuit, watched some TV, then eventually things fizzled, and I headed home. Once home I watched some DS9, then faded off to sleep.
[asleep at 3:45 a.m.]

Saturday (Feb. 14)

I intended to sleep through this day, as I was not at all in the mood to deal with the holiday that has been nothing but a bitch to me my entire life. I got a call from Cathy, who was apparently in a similar frame of mind, and so she came over, and I donned the traditional attire (all black everything), and we went out to dinner. Afterwards, I returned to an empty house and occupied my time with low quality movies (but Julia Stiles was in one of them) and Deep Space 9 episodes until I was so sick of looking at screens that I started reading Harry Potter 5. Eventually I headed off to bed.
[asleep: at 2:00 a.m.]

Sunday (Feb.15)

Church, then video games and cleaning. Robb and I went to Max and Ermas for dinner, then watched Arrested Development and some Monty Python.
[asleep at 2:00 a.m.]

Monday (Feb 16)

Work, then dinner at Max and Ermas with Joel. When we returned, Cathy was at the house, so we hung out with her for a while. We were going to watch T-3, but that never quite materialized. Eventually Cathy and Joel off, and I watched some TV for a while.
[asleep ~ 1:30 a.m.]

Tuesday (Feb. 17)

Work, like normal. I had lunch with Tim out at Buffalo Wild Wings, then headed back home for more work. Afterwards I headed out to Tuuk and Mark’s for some Chrystal Chronicles fun, then there was the Pickwick, then we returned for more Chrystal Chronicles. It was excellent.
[asleep ~ 2:00 a.m.]

Wednesday (Feb. 18)

Went in to work, as is the tradition. Afterwards, Joe and Rachel came over, and we played some video games, then watched Notting Hill. Eventually Joe took off, and Rachel and I hung out til about 5:30.
[asleep at 6:00 a.m.]

Thursday (Feb. 19)

I worked from home, which was fortunate, cause wouldn’t want to have had to drive at 7:00. I had lunch with Mindy. Then Gwen came over to work on some stuff on her computer while I finished up my work. Afterwards we played some video games, watched TV and had some pizza. Mindy came over with her friend, Ebony, and we played some cards. Joe joined, and we played some euchre. Mandace joined us in time to play some Mario Kart, and then Rachel joined us. We play cards until late (my guess is 2 or 3), then Mandace and Joe called it a night. Rachel and I hung out for a while more.
[asleep ~ 4:00/4:30ish a.m.?]

Friday (Feb. 20)

I did the work thing, and got my stuff done. I was most pleased. Got home, and then headed out to Sven and Julie’s place, where we were joined by Keith, Kristi, and they’re baby son, Jonathan. So we had some deep dish pizza there, talked for a while, then played cards. It was a good time. Keith and Kristi rule. I returned home, talked to Rachel for a while, and watched a few Deep Space 9 episodes, and then finally fell sleep.
[asleep ~ 2:00 a.m.]

Saturday (Feb. 21)

I got a decent amount of sleep, and woke up at 10:00. I headed out to lunch with Sven, Keith, Kristi, and Jonathan. Afterwards, Keith and Kristi (and yes, Jonathan as well) Headed back towards home, and Sven came over to my place for some video game fun. We played some Home Run Derby (I believe Coors Field is simply unable to allow balls to not sail 100 feet past the fence. It’s beautiful.) Later on, Julie joined us for some Mario Kart fun. After they took off, I tried out Pac-Man World 2. I am a fan. Later that evening, I joined Joel, Adam,Jplant, and Tuuk for some Ice Skating. I was skeptical, but I had a good time, and my ankle is starting to heal. After that we headed toJplant‘s place for some SNL. (Jesus Horses!) I headed on home, watched some TV, then got a call from Joe, who was at Knoshville. SO headed out there and joined Joe and Rachel. Joe took off around 3:00-3:30, and Rachel and I stuck around til a bit after 5:00 a.m..
[asleep at 5:30 a.m.]

Sunday (Feb. 22)

I got up at 8:30, got ready, went with Rachel to the church where her dad preaches. Afterwards we had dinner with her parents. Then I headed on home, watched a Deep Space 9 episode, then took a nap. I got a call from Joe, and then headed out to Rachel’s place to join her and Joe for some board games (Clue, Payday, Sequence, and then Uno). I headed home around 3:00.
[asleep at 3:30 a.m.]

Monday (Feb. 23)

Did the work thing, then had dinner with Joel, Swac, Robb, Mandace, Joe, and Rachel. We all came back to the house, and Rachel and I worked on her Psychology. After that, Joel, Joe, and I watched Futurama and 2 episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Then Joe and I hung out for a while. Joe took off when I began to lose consciousness.
[asleep ~ 2:00 a.m.]

Tuesday (Feb. 24)

I worked from home. Headed to Max and Ermas for lunch with Tim. Then worked some more, then was joined by Gwen. We headed to Best Buy and she bought a scanner, then began setting that up as I worked. Eventually Gwen had to jet, and then I cut my hair, and headed off to Tuuk and Marks for some Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles. We had to fight a Zombie Dragon, and it was just plain awesome. After having our asses handed to us right quick the first time, we returned and [eventually] took him down with some spectacular teamwork. We took him down just in time to be a few minutes late for the Pickwick, and quick headed out there to join Alan, Jplant, and Adam. Afterwards, we headed back to Mark and Tuuk’s for a short bit, then I headed out, and headed off to Rachel’s, where we eventually watched Finding Nemo. I headed home around 2:45.
[asleep at 3:15 a.m.]

The weird thing is, besides Wednesday (the 11th) morning, Sunday (the 22nd) afternoon, and Monday (the 23rd) night, I’ve not felt any more tired than I usually do. One could reach one of two conclusions from that, I’d think:

  1. I’m not getting enough sleep as it is, and the exhaustion I ought to have felt having so severely deprived myself of sleep was not noticeable because my body has become accustomed to feeling that level of exhaustion at all times. Without a significant alteration to my “normal” sleep schedule, my body will continue to degrade until limbs simply fall off and my brain starts to digest itself.
  2. My body doesn’t really need as much sleep as I had been giving it before, and I can afford to trim the average down to a tidy 3 hours or so, and be just as productive.

[update: Wednesday (Feb. 25) Home at 5:00 a.m. Asleep at 5:30 a.m.]

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