A Week of Something

This week has been “something”. I can’t say it’s been good, because some things about this week have really pissed me off, or frustrated me, or made me sad, or just annoyed me to the point where that knife on the desk seems like it really ought to just lodge itself nicely in my neck somewhere. But it’s not been horrible either. I got to go out on a date, and had a good time with that, and subtle progress seems to have been made in other pursuits, while other [potentially] important decisions made seem to have been validated… which in one way is a good thing [though by no means a happy thing]. And significant progress is [continually] being made at work, which is a good thing [But I must say, it completely wipes me out by the end of the day. I start going retarded by about 4:15 most days. I can usually stay just sane enough to finish whatever project(s) I had assigned for the day, but after that, even speaking proves difficult.] Anyway, that’s a whole other thing. I don’t want to even call this week “interesting”, cause aside from a few happenings, it wasn’t.. It was a lot of monotony. [Work, sleep, feel like shit, work, possibly eat, sleep, feel like hell, work.. etc..] All the while, I find myself rushing from one thing to the next, with little time to slow down until it’s so late that normal people are sleeping, or waking up for work… and at that point, it’s not so much “slowing down” as it is “collapsing in a heap somewhere on or near my bed”. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this week was… well, kinda typical, I guess…. Damnit.

So I plugged my earphones into the wrong jack on my laptop, and blasted Celine Dion at work for about a minute and a half before realizing that the sound wasn’t coming through the headphones, but rather, the laptop speakers.

Anyway, the fast, fast week-so-far recap:


Spent much of the day waiting around and cleaning the house [for no reason, apparently]. I headed of to church in the evening, as I had to get another deacon to cover my counting duties on Monday, as I had “plans”. Then Mindy joined me at Max and Ermas […eventually….], and we went and saw Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, which I enjoyed, of course, as it conformed to the rules I think life ought to abide by but never does. (i.e., The nice guy is rewarded for being nice, rather than just getting jerked around, then killed by bloodthirsty pirates).


Work… Then I had dinner with Gwen and David Veldhof, and Gwen’s friend, Brianna. It was one of those “get introduced to each other in a hopefully not awkward type setting” type things. I had a good time. It was snowing like mad, and she had driven up from Kalamazoo, so the outing did not last too deep into the night. But a night out is still a night out.


Worked from home. Met up with Tim Vroom for lunch, as is the routine. Cleaned the house, and waited around… to no avail. Then it was Pickwick w/ Joel, Adam, andJplant, which was quite a good time.


Work… Then had dinner with Joel, Sven and Julie, and Mindy. I drank beers. Joe swung by a few times, and so I told him he and Rachel ought to come out to my place sometime (as Mandace and I had hung out with them at Rachel’s place a short time ago, and had a helluva good time.) So after dinner we headed home, and Joel and I played some Wario Wares, then Mario Tennis, where we were joined by Robb, and later, Swac. Got a call from Joe, and so he and Rachel showed up at our place around midnight or so. Giving them a tour of the place took about an hour (they seemed quite impressed with just about everything, so that was kewl.) then they had to take off. I hung out with Joel for a while, then he took off, and I eventually went to sleep… after watching every available episode of Red vs. Blue. (“You shot Church, you team-killing fucktard!”)


I woke up a little late, but had quite a bit of work to do. Met with Mindy for lunch, then went back to work. Took a break around 6 to teach myself No Doubt’s Don’t Speak and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s – Tuesdays Gone on the guitar. They both sound kewl. I’m working on Aerosmith’s Dream On as well (It was Dream On that made me think of Don’t Speak, as they have similar intros.) Anyway, went back to work. Got a call from Joe, and he and Rachel would be coming over later in the evening. They showed up around 10:45ish, so I quit working then.

We ended up playing pictionary for a while (Robb, Swac, Mandace, Rachel, Joe, and me), which was quite, quite fun. My first word was “frisk”. WTF? I was also ridiculed for knowing what a menorah was, apparently. Anyway, afterwords, we played Apples to Apples, which was fun as well, and likely aided by the alcohol being consumed. Eventually they had to take off, which was unfortunate. We cleaned up, then I talked with Mandace for a while, then eventually went to bed around 3ish.


Woke up, headed to the meeting point [fairly late] just in time to see Andy heading towards the exit (Joel already informed me he would not be joining the car pool [slept in] and Dave was telecommuting). So I gunned it and got behind Andy as he was turning out of the parking lot onto the street. So I chased after him, flashing my bright lights and honking my horn, but no luck. It was kinda funny… especially when I drove along side him on the highway for a while and couldn’t get him to look over. Anyway, that was that. Tonight is the final episode of Ed. Hopefully that’ll be an enjoyable enough event. (watching this show, not the fact that I won’t get to see another new one, ever.)

And that’s all I have, at the moment.. besides a really long rant that I may as well keep separate, as I’ll prolly delete it before I decide to post it anyway.

One thought on “A Week of Something

  1. You know, I would’ve thought that after the first mile or two, you would’ve taken the hint…

    But seriously, I don’t know what sort of drug-induced stupor I was in on Friday morning, but I never saw you that morning. On one ocassion, it did seem like the car behind me was flashing its brights at me, but I wasn’t sure and attributed it to the unevenness of the road or something.

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