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I haven’t written any recap of Edin quite some time. When last I left it, we were here:


Ed and Carol and Frankie

Carol decided she wanted Ed, and went out to win him over (and Ron once again prayed to God to make him Ed.) Edkinda plays off the whole thing, believing she isn’t really serious about it (“She just wants to bat me around like a kitty cat with a half dead mouse“) Molly consoles and encourages Carol, as she’s all for it, obviously. Ed doesn’t bother to tell Frankie about it… and then she gets a call from Leon (her Ex), and so when they finally tell each other about their respective old flames, Frankie gets hella pissed (“Leon leaving me in a message and Carol showing up in a knight suit are two completely different things.“). So Frankie is mad at Ed, Carol is embarrassed, Ed is all confused, etc. Molly tries to convince Ed that Carol is being for real. And Ed doesn’t really buy it. Then late one night Molly shows up at Stuckeybowl with Carol’s journal and begins reading entries over the loudspeaker (Ed is there working late.) We have entries from right when Ed showed up, and the first few weeks he was there, and him showing up in a suit of armor, and finally an entry right before her wedding… and Ed tells Molly to stop. Molly’s line: “If you want to pick Frankie, pick Frankie. But don’t pretend that Carol isn’t real.” [65: The Movie]

Carol freaks out when she finds out Molly stole her journal, but she wants to find out what Ed’s reaction was. Meanwhile, Frankie is still hella pissed at Carol, so when Carol shows up at the bowling alley, Frankie and her have words. So then Frankie tells Ed that he has to decide between her or Carol, or she’s leaving to be with Leon. So Ed chooses to be with Frankie. So Ed goes to tell Carol, and when he goes looking for her we flashback to all the snazzy episodes from the past 3 years where Ed and Carol got together. [They included my favorite, Pretty Girls and Waffles.] And Ed realizes that he’s in love with Carol, so he tells Frankie (we don’t see it, but we can tell she’s not pleased), and then tells Carol. We end the season with the two of them kissing under fireworks. It was excellent. [And Ron once again prayed to God to make him Ed.] [66: The Decision]

We started out the new season right where we left off, with Ed and Carol kissing under fireworks.. They awkwardly try to move into being a couple, and it just seems to all go poorly. It finally gets to the point where Carol believes that she’s not living up to the expectations that Ed had for her. (there’s a story about a bike in there that illustrates it all quite well) They question whether they were meant to be just friends, but the Ed says “I have enough friends” and they go off to have hot sex… which apparently fixes everything. [Ron once again wishes to be Ed.] [67: New School]

The next episode takes place all through the lens of Ed’s cousin Benny’s camera, as he works on a documentary for his film school final project. It was going to be on Ed, the bowling alley lawyer, but then Ed and Carol decide to move in together, and the documentary then becomes about that. They start out fine, but then the little annoying things start to piss them off. They manage to work through it, as you know they would, and life continues to move forward. [68: New Car Smell]

Ed gets all jealous about an old boyfriend of Carol’s, and ends up tracking him down, much to Carol’s dismay… but it all ends up fine [70: History Lessons]

Then Carol meets up with an old student who is now writing in New York. She shows him some of her writing, he’s impressed, and he invites her and Ed up to New York to meet with a new magazine editor. She impresses her, and is offered a job in New York City. She thinks about it for a long time, then decides to turn it down… only at the end of the episode she realizes how sick of teaching she is, and decides to take the job.[72: The Offer]

So Carol is moving to New York City, and Ed decides he has to go with her. Ed looks to sell Stuckeyville, but ultimately decides to make Eli, Phil, and Shirley co-owners. Then, at their going-away party, Ed and Carol decide that Ed should stay in Stuckeyville with Carol heading off to New York. [73: Goodbye Stuckeyville] The long distance relationship starts to prove troublesome, as Carol becomes more and more “New Yorky” and trendy, etc.. Ed ends up seeking some professional counseling to help him figure out why things are going so poorly. Ed eventually realizes that he must do: Move to New York and ask Carol to marry him. [74: Therapy] So he dreams up this grandiose proposal in Central Park, only Carol surprises him by coming back to Stuckeyville for Thanksgiving…. screwing his plans. Ed still insists on making this proposal live up to the standards he’s set in past romantic outbursts.. So while Ed is feverishly working on making the best proposal ever, Carol is getting pissed that Ed won’t talk about their relationship. Ed eventually finds a list in Carol’s scrapbook of her 25 favorite things, and decides to present her with everything on her list as his proposal, and she joyously accepts. So Ed agrees to move to New York and be with Carol there. [75: The Proposal]

Ed and Carol have to do a little work to get her father’s blessing, but eventually get it [76: Just a Formality]. Then Ed meets up with an old classmate who tries to woo him, and he hesitates a bit before letting her know he’s spoken for. Carol gets fed up with the crappy writing assignments she’s being given at the magazine (e.g. “Elevator Romances”). She realizes that the writing she wants to do she can write anywhere, and decides to move back to Stuckeyville. [77: Home for Christmas] She meets up with a agent, who requests a copy of some of her writing… only she doesn’t really have much to show, so she tries to write some… and it goes very poorly. The stress from that plus stresses of the wedding, etc.. build up, and she decides she just wants to elope. Ed says okay, but thinks it’s a lousy idea. The chapters that she wrote for the agent gets panned, and Carol later admits to Molly that they sucked… they have a talk, and Carol realizes she’s been seeking the easy way out both with her writing and with the wedding. So she starts up writing again, and they’re planning a real wedding. [78: The Process]

The others

Mike and Nancy get a dog (“Willie Butch”), then when Mike’s parents visit, his dad manages to burn down their house. So they have to move in with Ed for a while. Warren hooks up with Carol’s younger sister, Stella (another hotty). Stella announces she’s moving back to Boston to go to school, and Warren is crushed.. and in typical Warren fashion, tries all he can think of to win her over and keep her from going… She leaves anyway, but they make up before she leaves. Later, Warren decides he doesn’t want to go to college, but instead wants to pursue his dream of being one of those late night talk show hosts.. He gets his own cable access show, and it… well, it sucks.. but he appears happy, and hopes are high that it’ll get better. Meanwhile, Eli falls for “Jenny-fair”, the pie lady. When they’re about to hook up (kiss), he hesitates, fearing the wheelchair will kill the relationship.

And now you’re all caught up. Oh, to be Ed.

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