Reality TV sucks, and I have a good evening.

So.. more, then. Yeah?

Here I site, by my fireplace, which I love. Mandace wanted to watch American Idol. It’s on now. I um.. I hate reality TV. Well, that’s not even true. When the Real World first came out, I thought it was really, really good. The things that made that show work are the very same things that make current “Reality” TV suck. No, it’s worse than “suck”.. it’s evil, and probably communist. I feel a list coming on:

Good things about “The Real World 1”

  1. They chose regular people. They picked different types of people, certainly, but they were all “normal” people. They didn’t purposely choose some neo-nazi and stick him in a room with a big mean black dude and see what happened when “normal people” were forced to live with each other. That’s not real.. that’s just dumb. As it was, you weren’t set up to automatically hate certain people, or like certain people. They were simply people. They had likable qualities, all of them. They had negative qualities. They were just people.
  2. They put them is as close to a “normal” situation as possible. They gave then a really nice apartment, but it’s nowhere near the mansions they give these pathetic shells of people they have on now. They all had to have jobs, and pay for stuff, so you didn’t just have a bunch of young pretty people sitting around talking about how hard life is while MTV shells out the $ to make sure they get drunk and sleep with each other. They didn’t force them all to work at some special job that MTV created for them either. I hate that idea… because let’s face it.. most of them suck at whatever job MTV picks, and since they’ve already picked people in order to see them hate each other, the work environment is going to be wretched as well. That’s not real, that’s just mean.
  3. It was new. Now, I’m not going for the “it was something different, so it was interesting to watch” idea, though that is true, as much as I’m talking about the people themselves… the ones that were on the show. They didn’t know how it was going to turn out.. they weren’t instantly treated like celebrities the instant they showed up to the house. They went about their lives more or less like normal.. continuing to try to be the people they were before they showed up. I respected that. That ties into the first one: They didn’t pick assholes.. and the people didn’t turn into assholes as soon as they were picked.
  4. The purpose was genuine. They didn’t really know what they were doing, so they just kinda filmed as they went along, and watched what happened. As a consequence, the people themselves made the show interesting. It really was [I think] as close as you can get to “picking 7 people to live in a house to see what happens.” They don’t do stuff like that anymore.
  5. It celebrated the good things about humanity. Sure, there were arguments and fights and all that, but they were about worthwhile things, and came to resolutions that made you appreciate where people were coming from, etc. One of the biggest complaints the members of the house had, that I can remember, was that one of the guys wasn’t around that much, so they weren’t getting to know him like they wanted to. You got to see different people, from different backgrounds really come together and become friends. They were good people, and you were sad to see them go.

I won’t bother to go point for point with what’s satanic about the current “Reality” TV. The thing that bothers me the most, and seems the most prevalent is this: It celebrates and rewards that which is wrong and detestable about humanity. Watching American Idol today just proved that. What sparked interest? The people who obviously shouldn’t be there. It makes you hate people.

So last week we were hanging out at Max and Ermas, as I’ve been known to do from time to time…. Recently, Joe and Rachel have taken to sitting at my table and hanging out w/ me and my company [until they’re yelled at by the manager or something] needless to say, I’m in full favor of this new arrangement (well, not the manager yelling part, that part is annoying). Anyway, last week Thursday I was out with Mandace and Josh, and Rachel mentioned that I ought to see her new place now that she’s all moved in (She moved in with Amy, another one of the servers). I was in full favor of that as well. Later on she asked what we were up to later that evening, and yada yada Mandace and I ended up hanging out with Rachel and Joe that evening at Rachel’s place, and it was a hell of a good time. We played euchre, but mostly sat around and talked, and those people are seriously so very funny. We managed to get home around 3 a.m. I had a very good time, and hope to hang out there again very soon.

3 thoughts on “Reality TV sucks, and I have a good evening.

  1. Agreed.. That added to the “Ron is Hot” fact pleases me. Thus, my trend of falling for girls that are already taken remains in tact. I hate me a lot.

  2. Ron, I agree with you about the reality shows sucking, cuz they do, especailly the apprentence, the one about people competing for a job. In the words of Bart Simpson ‘I didnt think it was possible but they suck and blow.”

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