Ron’s R.E.M. Greatest Hits Double Disc

I said a while back (I don’t remember where.. it might have been an email or something) That I’d make a list of my “R.E.M. Greatest Hits” album after getting the R.E.M. In Time album for Christmas. Well, I was stuck in a boring meeting yesterday, and jotted down my list.. only I couldn’t fit them on one disc [surprise], so I made a double disc (and even then, they are filled to capacity) Anyway, these are songs from R.E.M’s Warner Bros. period (from Green through Reveal.. thus no “The One I Love” or “ItEotWaWKI(aIFF)”, etc) Anyway, here it is. Think of any I missed? There’s a reasoning to the order, but I don’t feel like explaining it.

Disc One
01. Daysleeper (Up) [3:39]
02. Man on the Moon (Automatic for the People) [5:14]
03. The Great Beyond (Man on the Moon Soundtrack) [5:07]
04. E-Bow the Letter (New Adventures in Hi-Fi) [5:24]
05. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite (Automatic for the People) [4:09]
06. Bad Day (Unreleased) [4:07]
07. I’ll Take the Rain (Reveal) [5:51]
08. Half a World Away (Out of Time) [3:28]
09. Bang and Blame (Monster) [5:30]
10. Country Feedback (Out of Time) [4:09]
11. Let Me In (Monster) [3:28]
12. Sweetness Follows (Automatic for the People) [4:21]
13. Arms of Love (The Automatic Box Set) [3:31]
14. Be Mine (New Adventures in Hi-Fi) [5:33]
15. Crush with Eyeliner (Monster) [4:38]
16. Losing My Religion (Out of Time) [4:28]
17. Strange Currencies (Monster) [3:53]
18. Untitled (Green) [3:10]
Running Time: 1:19:40
Disc Two
01. What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? (Monster) [4:01]
02. The Lifting (Reveal) [4:39]
03. Electrolite (New Adventures in Hi-Fi) [4:05]
04. Nightswimming (Automatic for the People) [4:18]
05. Orange Crush (Green) [3:51]
06. Beat a Drum (Reveal) [4:20]
07. Bittersweet Me (New Adventures in Hi-Fi) [4:05]
08. Draggin’ the Line (Austin Powers 2 Soundtrack) [4:26]
09. Imitation of Life (Reveal) [3:56]
10. Leave (New Adventures in Hi-Fi) [7:17]
11. Lotus (Up) [4:31]
12. Pop Song ’89 (Green) [3:04]
13. Stand (Green) [3:13]
14. Why Not Smile (Up) [4:02]
15. Everybody Hurts (Automatic for the People) [5:02]
16. All the Way to Reno (Reveal) [3:46]
17. Walk Unafraid (Up) [4:33]
18. Find the River (Automatic for the People) [3:49]
Running Time: 1:17:16

6 thoughts on “Ron’s R.E.M. Greatest Hits Double Disc

  1. What about Hope? I don’t know if I’d say it’s my favorite REM song, but it is the one I sometimes listen to a few times back to back, which is something I generally do very rarely.
    Or is it precluded from being one of their “best” because they borrowed the tune?

  2. Wow… I don’t think I can recall another person mentioning Hope as one of their favorites… I must admit that Hope is one of my favorites on that album as well… were I to choose only a few songs from that album to listen to, it’s be Hope, Walk Unafraid, Daysleeper, and Falls to Climb.

    Right when Up came out (Oct. 27, 1998), I had just bought a new subwoofer, and Josh and I referred to Hope as “The bass song”, because it made the windows rattle with it’s bass beats. From that poitn on, track 4 became a favorite. It’s also an excellent song for the car…

    As for why I didn’t put it on the list… Reason one is space. If I had added a 3rd cd, it would have been there, along with
    Falls to Climb,
    Star 69,
    Monty Got a Raw Deal,
    You Are the Everything,
    New Test Leper,
    World Leader Pretend,
    Near Wild Heaven,
    So Fast, So Numb,
    I’m Not Over You,
    and She Just Wants to Be.

    Reason two was prolly cause I don’t think it got much if any airplay, so most people don’t know about it or like it. It’s a really good tune, and I’m glad someone else out there is fond of it.

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