Someone thinks I’m good looking

Interesting little happening. Dave, Max, and I headed off to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch today, and as we neared the end of our meal, our server approached us and said to me something like: “One of our waitresses, Ann, thinks you’re adorable. So, she wanted to know if you were single.” I smiled and thanked her, and said that I was indeed single. Later on, when she brought the bill, she said I could leave my name and number if I was interested… so I did.

[update: She’s emailed, and now she’s called as well.]

9 thoughts on “Someone thinks I’m good looking

  1. and here you’ve been moping around max and erma’s all this time for nothing.

    on the other hand, the ruby tuesday’s staff isn’t going to be pleased to discover that you’ve been sleeping ( or at least thinking about it ) with the enemy.

  2. And ‘cute’ is pretty damning too. But, you never know, Ron. If you get a phone call, and you turn it down, it will completely invalidate SO many of your posts.

  3. And you didn’t tell me this immediately upon getting back from lunch today? Damn, I should have gone for food with you guys today instead of Christmas shopping. Stupid Christmas.

    And have you seen this woman?

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