Weekend Wrapup

Real quick, as we’re packing up here… This weekend proved to be pretty good. Friday I slept in nice and late, (having stayed up til around 5 doing absolutely nothing.), then Josh came over, and joined Robb and me for some fine dining at Max and Ermas. I talked to Sara for a short stretch before and after, and felt like a giddy 13 year old (Sara the dark haired goddess of a hostess, as opposed to Sara the blond haired beauty of a waitress.). Afterwards we toured Josh’s house. This was Robb‘s first viewing , and my second. Much progress has been made on it, and it’s looking great. Needless to say, I’m jealous of it, though not of the work still needed, and the mortgage and all that. Afterwards it was back to our place, where we were soon joined by Cathy and her sister. For reasons not quite clear in my memory, Robb and I eventually go to telling the full “Tale of Keen” which blended in nicely with my retelling of “The Tale of Julie”. The two tales flow in and out of each other fairly nicely, so it worked out well telling them together. Afterward, one couldn’t help but feel pretty good about our current living situation, and Robb and I both noted how much we had forgotten about those hellish times, and how nice things are now. It is unclear if the Morrissey sisters were amused or horrified. Prolly both.

Saturday, Sven and I hung out, as Julie went out and shopped with their Christmas money and gift cards, etc. Sven and I played some Star Wars Rebel Strike. The game has the original Rogue Leader included as a 2 player cooperative game, and as I loved that game, and grew to be fairly good at it, Sven and I decided to give it a shot. They made it a lot harder. We let the Rebellion down a number of times before we got the hang of it.. In Sven’s defense, he’d never played before, and it is a fairly complicated/involved game, but he picked it up fairly quickly. For my part, I managed to decrease my suckatude on occasion, and the At-Ats were no match for me. We then moved on to Mario Kart, which was also a blast. Julie then joined us, and after some 3 player kart, we had some pizza, then coerced Robb into playing some Euchre, which I had not played in quite some time (perhaps Europe, when we played it all the time… I never got tired of it.. I dunno if Mindy, Maryrose, and Becky felt the same way, though.) Anyway, it was fun times.

Now I just got back from a fast Deacon meeting. (woot), and will finish up the weekend wrap-up. Saturday night after Sven and Julie took off I headed out to Alpine to meet with Annie. I met up with her at Fridays after she got done working, and ended up talking with her til about 2. It was fun.

Sunday was church, then when I got back I settled in for some quality Pikmin fun… and promptly fell asleep…. I awoke to find Swac home (he had gone back to Maryland for Christmas), and it was already around 9:something. So I guess I was tired. Swac, Mandace, and I watched some Lewis Black (“If it weren’t for my horse, I never would have spent that year in college.“), then some Upright Citizen’s Brigade, then Mandace and I watched some Adult Swim (Futurama, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Sealab.) good stuff. And another thing, I used to be chubby.

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