4 thoughts on “All you need is love.

  1. So here’s my take on the picture:

    They guy was apparantly trying to kill himself (maybe b/c he was lonely). The girl just got back from somewhere and is happy to see him, but he hasn’t seen her yet, and she hasn’t seen any of the blood just yet.

  2. Interesting..

    I see it this way: The man on the left and the (man|woman) on the right could care less for each other (save for the man on the left hating the other person because he’s miserable and (he|she)’s happy, and that’s never fun. Anyway, he’s bleeding from the chest, and perhaps from the head, or he just put his very bloody hand to his head in a “woe is me” fashion. He’s bleeding because he is without love… not that he is incapable of it, he simply had been given no place to direct it, so it all comes spilling out, painfully.

    but, like most of these pictures, I see something different almost every time.

  3. maybe she is coming to give the guy her heart. she’s got lots to share, and he is obviously in distress because he’s got no heart or nowhere to “direct his love”. anyway. so she is coming to make him happy, but he doesn’t see her yet. so he’s still sad. and she’s happy, cause she knows that once she gets there, she’ll be able to cheer him up.
    that’s a happier take on it.

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