8. The Verve Pipe – Underneath

cd cover 8. Verve Pipe – Underneath

Verve Pipe! Here’s the deal, The Verve Pipe are really good. Back when I was still in High School, working at the greenhouse, etc.. My brother had a tape of the Verve Pipe’s Pop Smear, (which really ought to be on this list as well, but eh, it ended up on the other list), anyway, I listened to it.. a lot. I decided that The Verve Pipe was excellent, and that they’d hit it big soon. This I told my friend, Tim, often, to the point of being really annoying, I’m sure. Anyway, eventually I found that album, and the one before it (“I Suffered a Head Injury”) at Holland Cd, and I was most pleased. Then their next album, “Villains”, came out, and “The Freshman” hit the radio, and they made it big and everyone liked and then instantly hated them. (Buncha fickle annoying whiny wannabe poser losers). They came out with another (self titled) album, that I purchased, ignored, then picked up again, and then decided was freaken sweet. (It’s on the list as well.) So we’ve established that I like The Verve Pipe? Okay, good.

They came out with a new album, and I asked for it for Christmas (2001), and got it (thanks, Amy). I was out in Chicago, staying with my parents, and I had not all that much with me: My Laptop, a cd given to me by Steve with episodes of Undeclared and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, this Verve Pipe cd, and Guster – Goldfly. I ended up listening to these albums a lot, and I decided that Underneath was brilliant. When I like an album, it seems to fall into one of two categories: Albums that I like that I think only I would like [or a very small subset of my friends would like… those whose tastes seems to mimic mine for a given genre] (e.g. Nine Inch Nails, Hole,etc.) and Albums I believe everyone would like (e.g. Guster, Gary Jules). This one was definitely one of those that I felt other people should like. At the time, that quality was also in high demand.

Before I delve into some of the songs on the album, I’ll add this: I have a tendency to attach meaning or significance to things quite quickly. I’ve already made that quite clear, I think. This attachment can become quite strong… to the point that the meaning and the thing can’t be separated. So it was with many of the songs on this album. Thus, for quite some time I wasn’t able to listen to this album at all. The words on this album are potent. Potent can be good.. but it can be bad if it’s something you don’t want to think about. (See Also : Counting Crows – Hard Candy)

Gotta Move On – This was one of those songs… The first time I listened to it, it made an immediate impression. Well.. you get any song talking about love causing pain, and it’ll make an impression. (See Also: Smashing Pumpkins – Bodies) So as time went on, this song became a favorite, then a song to be avoided. It is another one of those songs where almost every line would make a wonderful quote:

Love is not strong
Love is not stable

I tried to hold it
But I wasn’t able
I never thought that I’d be
Saying this to you
But what else could I do?
Love leads to loss
And words condescending
Love is the pathway
To unhappy endings

And if I keep my chin up
I still see clouds that look like you
So look down is what I do
You know it’s all right
If you cry a little
If something inside you
Has died a little
You don’t have to hide
But you gotta move on
You gotta move on
Love leads to tears
Tears lead to sadness
Sadness to memories
Memories to madness
I never thought of all
These things that love could be
But look what it did to me

You know it’s all right
If you cry a little
If something inside you
Has died a little
You don’t have to hide
But you gotta move on
You gotta move on

Colorful – This was the other song that I really got attached to, then couldn’t listen to. The first song was about breaking up.. this one was about unconditional love. Something so appealing can be painful to listen to when you just don’t have it.

The show is over close the story book
There will be no encore
And all the random hands that I have shook
Well they’re reaching for the door
I watch their backs as they leave single file
But you stood stubborn, cheering all the while

I know I can be colorful
I know I can be gray
But I know this loser’s living fortunate
Cause I know you will love me either way

Most were being good for goodness sake
But you wouldn’t pantomime
You are more beautiful when you awake
Than most are in a lifetime

Through the haze that is my memory well
You stayed for drama though you paid for a comedy

I know I can be colorful
I know I can be gray
But I know this loser’s living fortunate
Cause I know you will love me either way

Look ahead as far as you can see
We’ll live in drama but we’ll die in a comedy
I know I can be colorful…

I’m tired, so I’ll just do some quotes now:

  • ‘Happiness is wherever you find it, and I want to find it with you. – Happiness Is
  • ‘Doesn’t matter where it ended or began. Sometimes the best that you can do is change your plan. ‘ – Never Let You Down
  • ‘When I see you smile it could make the darkest day worthwhile.’ – I Want All of You
  • ‘CD cases broken in a desperate dash to find the perfect ballad to move you.’ – Underneath
  • ‘Have you ever felt so out of place that the smile on your face was to keep from crying? – Happiness Is

One thought on “8. The Verve Pipe – Underneath

  1. Wow! I have made it on your site for something other than that horrible Christmas picture. (I hate having my picture taken). I have now officially made it in the world; I have worth as a person b/c I am listed on your site. Not just listed, but thanked. Wow.

    Have I mentioned to you lately that I met Brian Vander Ark a couple of weeks ago? REally nice guy. Bought his new CD and got it autographed. Yeah, I am cool….

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