Matrix Revolutions

I saw the final installment in The Matrix trilogy opening day, and now that the story has come to a close, all I can say is “I wish they had left it at one.” While the second two movies had their share of interesting tidbits and enjoyable sequences (and for me, the 2nd beat out the 3rd in this regard), nothing they did seemed up to par with the original, which I considered to be a truly excellent film. My main compliants:

  1. I considered the original Matrix movie to be excellent. The story was new and fresh (or at the very least a good story presented in a new way.) The story ended with what I considered a perfect ending (it answered enough questions to not leave you hanging, but left enough things up to personal interpretation/imagination to be interesting). The next two movies, I felt, had to create a new problem to be overcome, and I didn’t find that conflict nearly as interesting. More troubling, it had to undo things that were supposedly solved in the first movie.
  2. The new conflict for the 2nd two movies wasn’t that original, was fairly predictable, and required the audience to endure a number of very lame cliches, poorly executed plot development scenes, and whole sections that, while pretty, were completely uneccessary.
  3. The first movie focused on the world inside the Matrix itself, which I found completely fascinating. I cared absolutely nothing for the “real world”. The next two movies drifted away from the Matrix, and focused on the “real world”… By the 3rd movie, they really didn’t spend any time there at all. I was very disappointed.
  4. The ending, while predictable, and perhaps necessary, didn’t do it for me at all. I have a hard time people being all that much happier now than they were before this whole thing started. That wasn’t how I felt after the first one.

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  1. Now that the movie is out, my view is that the movie throw open new puzzles to be solved while simultaneously solving the old puzzles, Apart from good fighting sequences the other two movies doesnt promise much

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