15. Soul Asylum – Grave Dancer’s Union

cd cover 15. Soul Asylum – Grave Dancers Union

I’m a pretty big Soul Asylum fan, and this is the album that got me into them. I saw the video for Runaway Train (It’s the one showing all the kids that are/were missing/kidnapped/ran away/etc…), thought the song was pretty good, then eventually got the album. I still like Runaway Train (The fact that it was played frequently on the radio and television did not sour my opinion of the song.), but it was the other songs on the album that I really liked. This was back when I was still working at the greenhouse, and so I had much time to spend listening to music (well, especially when Tim and I were stuck in the tray-filler room for 9 hours each day.). When I first got the album, I really liked Black Gold, Somebody to Shove, and Runaway Train (which, ironically, turned out to be 3 singles from the album) The more I listened, though, the more the lesser known songs on the album started to grow on me… songs like The Sun Maid, Homesick, and New World. Eventually I found Without a Trace to be my favorite song on the album.

Besides the years of constantly listening, this album gets on the list because it introduced me to Soul Asylum, a band I very much enjoy. Later albums, like Let Your Dim Light Shine and Candy from a Stranger became instant favorites, sporting some of my favorite songs of all time (Promises Broken, Just Like Anyone, Blackout, and Misery, where I found the title for this site..).. I also grabbed a few of their earlier albums (The Horse They Rode In On and Made to Be Broken), and while they were obviously a bit less polished than the later albums, some of the songs on them are just incredible, most notably We 3 (featured at the end of Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy, and Gullible’s Travels, a song I quote very often. Good stuff. Now a few quotes:

  • “I’m waiting by the phone. Waiting for you to call me up and tell me I’m not alone.” — Somebody to Shove
  • “Oh I am so homesick, but it ain’t that bad, cause I’m homesick for the home I’ve never had.” – Homesick
  • “And you can’t believe in yourself. You can’t believe in anyone else.” – New World

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