11. Veruca Salt – Eight Arms to Hold You

cd cover 11. Veruca Salt – Eight Arms to Hold You

I first saw Veruca Salt in 1997. I went to a BUSH concert with Sarah, and her older brother, Ben, and one of her friends, and her Dad. The opening band was Veruca Salt. I had heard of them before. (i.e. I knew they sang a song called Seether, and I had no idea what it meant, nor if I had ever really heard it.) Anyway, Veruca Salt gets up there.. two chicks with guitars… and I can think of no less cliche way of saying it: “they completely rock”. From the first song, they convinced me that they weren’t some fake pop chick band pretending to play metal.. They were the real deal. But within their driving guitar riffs and piercing vocals, there was a really beautiful harmony and weaving of two strong, but undeniably lovely female voices. To say I was hooked from the first song would be an understatement. That show blew me away. Louise Post also completely slammed back a 40 in the space of about 3 songs, and I was impressed. Soon after I went out and got American Thighs and 8 Arms to Hold You. Both albums were excellent, with the latter sounding a bit more polished, and the girls sounded a bit more sure of themselves (both in their singing and in their writing). Since that time, Veruca Salt split up.. Nina Gordon went on to a solo career (She’s the “Tonight, and the Rest of My Life” girl. That album is certainly a different feel than Veruca Salt, but I like it all the same.). Louis Post fired the band, and started up a new Veruca Salt, and released Resolver, which I absolutely love. It’s only downfall is that it lacks the wonderful harmony and “completeness” that they had when Nina Gordon was still there. But what it lacks there, it makes up for with Louis being hella pissed off at the people that she felt betrayed her. (“I used to know her, now she just doesn’t matter.“). All that being said, I consider Veruca Salt to be the best “Chicks that rock” I’ve ever heard (and I’ve already mentioned how I like chicks that rock.), and I consider 8 Arms.. to be their best work. In the back of my mind, I hope for the day they get back together, and blow their earlier stuff away, but that may be another dream in a tall pile that goes unfulfilled.

Now on to the album itself:

Straight: [Pleading to boyfriend]:”Stop doing drugs, it’s ruining your life, and our relationship. I’ll do anything to make you quit.” For a while I thought it might be about a bi-sexual.. but reading the lyrics made me doubt that highly. Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, this song rocks.

Volcano Girls: You’ve prolly heard this one. It got a decent amount of radio play (though none of the other songs did, which makes no sense to me at all.) Anyway, here’s a little something for you: When I don’t know what a song is about, I assume it’s about sex. So I assumed this song was about how they’re “really good”… I don’t really know. You read the lyrics and tell me what you think. Oh yeah, and in case you’re wondering, this song rocks.

Don’t Make Me Prove It: This one of my favorite songs on the album. First off, it rocks as hard as any other song on the album. It’s just loud, and starts off with a bang that doesn’t stop til they’re done. It’s a song about a long distance relationship… spending large amounts of time without the other person. Oh yeah, and in case you couldn’t tell, this song really rocks.

Awesome: I read somewhere that this was a song about how they were really good at sex… and while I find that idea appealing.. I just don’t think so. It’s a song about their first album, and their new found popularity, and the realization that they rule, and that their music is excellent. This song rocks.

One Last Time: Another relationship song. Sounds to me like a “you suck, but I’m too weak/scared to completely leave you, so get back here and try harder” type song. It rocks.

With David Bowie: A love song to music itself. “My heart skips around when I hear the sound. I’m never along cause you’re following me home, I’m falling in love, my walkman and me, with David Bowie” . One of my favorite snippets of this album is in this song as well… once again in reference to music: “With teenage medication flowing through my veins, I can face the strain.” I just think of high school.. the days when music felt like a drug that would transport you away from all the.. well from everything. Suddenly life seemed okay again. This song rocks.

Benjamin: I read somewhere that Nina wrote this song after watching the Graduate, because she liked the name Benjamin. True or not, the song rocks.

Shutterbug: This is another song that stands out to me on the album as being exceptionally excellent. The video was also pretty snazzy. The song rocks.

The Morning Sad: You have a fight, and you can’t sleep… and it’s getting to be morning, and you just want the other person to wake up, so things can get better.

Sound of the Bell: At this point, I just think this song is about screwing guys over.. leading them on until their hooked them dropping them. I’m not sure if it’s a song about how great it is to have that kinda power, or how messed up and bad it is not to be able to commit to a guy. I suspect the latter, cause they don’t sound so sad. But I likely got the whole song wrong. even so, it rocks.

Loneliness is Worse: This is my favorite song on the album.
When you’ve had enough
When you’ve got it bad enough
And you can’t let go
When it comes to blows
And you start to overflow
But you can’t get home

It’s a subtle kind of cruel
It taps my spine
Here I’m drawing a line
I’m asking please

Don’t you wanna be happy with me?
Don’t you wanna be happy with me?
I’m afraid if you don’t come around soon I’ll turn
Sadder than you ever were
Then you’ll learn loneliness is worse
You’ve gotta try

December’s all alone
And he’s calling me on the phone
But he sounds so cold
He says he loves me so
But how would I ever know
Certain words grow old

Its a vicious kind of catch
It sides me blind
Now I’m out of my mind
I wanna scream

Love liked me long ago
It had a way of making everyone the same
And now the angels
Must laugh and sigh to hear me
Pleading with you
And needing you this way

Oh why?
Don’t you wanna be happy with me?
Don’t you wanna be happy with me?
I’m afraid if you don’t come around soon I’ll turn
Sadder than you ever were
Then you’ll learn loneliness is worse
You’ve gotta try
To stay mine
All the way

It’s got a way of making everyone the same.

Stoneface and Venus Man Trap both rock.

Earthcrosser: This song starts out soft, then explodes. “Bedroom eyes lead to blurry vision.

That’s all for this one. It took me a while to write, and I still don’t think I managed to scratch just how much I think this album rocks….. in unrelated news, look who’s not sleeping again.

4 thoughts on “11. Veruca Salt – Eight Arms to Hold You

  1. Tuuk: Point noted. I was thinking more the broad “metal” definition: “loud, guitar driven power riffs” rather than the narrower “Metal” genre name.

  2. Loneliness is Worse stands out as one of my all time favourite songs (possibly because I discovered it in the failing days of a bad relationship).

    Funny how a song can carry you through stuff.

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