This is what I did.

It’s been a while since I prattled on about the fun and exciting moments of my life. So I’ve been jotting down things here and there, and today I decided to write a paragraph or two for each one. They aren’t in order, so don’t try to make sense of the ordering. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, and once you’re done, compliment me on how attractive I am. Thank you.

Lan Party 6

Jplant hosted a lan party this past Saturday. In attendance: Adam, Andy, Dave, JHo,Jplant, Tuuk, and myself. After some dinking with router settings and firmware, we got BDF to join us remotely from Chicago as well. It was good times. The game was Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory as before, withJplant, Dave, Bdf, and I [team “upstairs”] vs Tuuk, JHo, Adam, and Andy [team “downstairs”]. Games were quite heated, with significant “turning points” swaying the tide one way or another fairly late in the game. (Turning Points –> In life, a particular moment or event that radically alters the situation permanently. In Wolfenstein during Lan party 6, when Ron manages to get up to the machine gun by the Bank doors or BDF decides to just go off and kill everyone on his own, and singlehandedly win the match.). Anyway, it was fun. We took a break midway through to watch the Red Sox/Yankees insanity. I stuck around a little while afterwards to watch the first few innings of the Cubs game, then sped home to watch the rest of it.

Beer in the Car

I had brought a bag of pop and beer to Jplant’s place for the party, and apparently, one of the cans had escaped from the bag during transport. I found this out while I was driving home. After turning onto Plymouth, I heard a thud, then what sounded like the At-At laser fire in the Empire Strikes Back (Nerd!)… the car then began to stink quite strongly of beer. At first, I thought something bad had happened to my car, as the smell had a slight oil/air conditioner fluid/other car liquid with pungent oder smell to it.. but soon I knew it had to have been beer. I reached behind my seat to try to find the culprit, and found a small pool growing on the floor in front of my back seat. I was not pleased. My thought process at this point was something like this:

Hrm.. What can I do? I can’t put the beer in a cup holder, cause then it looks like I’m drinking it, and that’s no good. I can’t throw it out the window, because that’s littering, and that can really needs to get recycled. Plus, if I throw it out, some kin might find it, drank what ever is left of it, and turn to a life of crime and lawlessness, and it would all by my fault… But I can’t just leave it there, cause it id probably spilling more and more while I’m sitting here thinking…. Heh.. my car reeks of beer.. this is all kinda funny.

Finally, I decided to set the can upright on the floor by the backseat, and leave it be til I got back to my home. I also drove completely paranoid, certain that every cop I passed (I believe I passed about a thousand police cars from Jeff’s place to mine.) could smell not only the beer, but my fear, and would certainly pull me over, smell the beer, not believe my pathetic story, beat the hell out of me, take me to jail, and then just execute me. Thankfully, I managed to avoid John Law this time, and I made it home just fine, and brought the beer (and the floor mat, that seemed to have taken the brunt of the attack) inside, and the entire ordeal was over.

Joe at Max and Ermas

Apparently Joe, the server at Max and Ermas, was not just talk when he mentioned that he’d be looking around the staff at the fine restaurant seeing if there was “somebody for me” there. Initial inquiries by him have been met with not entirely negative responses. I’m told that Gwen and Mandace have also been going to bat for me, with Gwen apparently making some headway quite quickly. I currently remain politely optimistic but detached, realizing that my own efforts have bred very few successes, and what I truly desire rarely comes to fruition. Bottom line, when girls are involved, I seem to manage to screw it up somehow, so perhaps it’d be better if someone else just did all the work, and told me when to show up with a ring and a tux. I’m assuming plenty of people are still looking for a green card, right? If I am to be granted 3 wishes at some point in my lifetime, I’d very much like to use the first one right now.

Last Softball Game

Last Wednesday was the final game of the season for my co-ed softball team. The season went well, and I had a ton of fun playing. Our final game was by far or best game of the season: No errors, we scored in almost every inning, and won 12 – 1. I also managed not to bleed during the game, which was certainly an exception, rather than the rule. Anyway, another season in the books. I had a great time… but there’s a part of me that realizes the season being done is a good thing… Almost every week I’d manage to acquire a new injury (one of the negative side affects of being kinda quick is that you assume you can do just about everything… Turns out I can’t.. but I can really screw up my body while trying.). So let’s see.. I think I mentioned (re)pulling my hamstring the first practice of the season (trying to catch a high pop fly in left field while starting in right field (no one else was in the outfield at that point)). That nagging injury was with me for at least a month, but thankfully went away. (I credit frequent biking) I screwed up my elbow pretty good sliding into third. Then I messed up my knee stretching for 2nd, and it still hurts (I’ll be walking along fine, then all of a sudden, it’ll decide it no longer wants to support my weight, and then I curse.) Thankfully, I scraped it up soon afterwards. My wrist got all screwed up somehow, and then a bad hop smashed up my finger pretty good. And finally, after the last game I tweaked my back… Also, all of the bones in my body turned liquid, and my body burst into flames. So taking it easy for a little while and letting my body recover might be a good thing. (Jonathan, just for you, I took my shirt off for every one of those pictures.)

Deedre and Ed

A few Thursdays ago I was surprised and delighted to have Deedre come by the house. “Surprised” included my room and house being a complete and utter mess (once again almost undying diligence falls pathetically short when it actually mattered). Attempts to quick tidy up were thwarted. Anyway, she came over to join me in watching the season premier of Ed. She arrived while I was off bringing Robb to pick up his car.. and Swac called while I was driving back, wondering where I was. I found this slightly odd, as when questioned he had no reason for calling.. just “missed me, and wanted to know where I was.” The sad part was I believed him, and it that all made sense to me that he would call for that kind of reason.. I made it home, met up with Deedre, and things became much clearer. Swac is my hero.

The return of Ed was cause for much rejoicing. Upon Deedre’s suggestion, we watched the season finale of last season, and I was quite pleased that the episode was even better than I had remembered (I had recalled it being good, but fairly predictable… I had forgotten it was also very funny, and included clips of some of my favorite episodes… I’m not one who loves clips shows by any stretch, but sometimes, I think they are really good. The occasional Friends clip show is quite good, I think, as it runs through a number of episodes in rapid succession that I can then recall and appreciate apart from the show. Conversely, a Saved by the Bell clip show annoys me, because it reminds me that I’ve seen all of those shows, and I apportioned far too much of my childhood to watching that show… So what’s the difference between wasting time in my youth and wasting time in my young adulthood? Shut up.) So anyway, we watched the Season finale, and then the Season premier. The new episode was good, though certainly not the best episode ever. The present company certain made it among the most enjoyable viewings though. Hopes are high that it becomes a trend.

Cubs Game Friday

I had a bunch of people over A few Fridays ago to watch the Cubs vs. the Braves, including my cousin Tim, who drove up from Ann Arbor. It was good stuff (especially since the Cubs won). Saturday, Tim and I played some RBI Baseball and Techmo Bowl for the old NES, and it was hella fun. Then the Cubs lost, which was sad. Anyway, playing Nintendo got me thinking that I ought to give Adventure Island another whirl.

Deacons Meeting

So 2 weeks ago Monday was my first Deacons meeting. (well the first one I made it to, anyway.) I also had to help count offerings, so I had to be there at 6. So… wake up at 6, go to work, leave work, go straight to Zeeland… once the meeting was done (9:30ish) i had to drive to Grand Rapids as I had left my cell phone and keys at work, and Joel had grabbed them for me.. I finally made it home past 10, and was completely exhausted. Apparently I have 3 years of this to look forward to. No sir, I didn’t like it.

colors of the trees

The trees are all colorful. If i had pictures I’d show you. Anyway, enjoy them (the trees, not the nonexistent pictures), cause they’re lovely.

Can’t open my trunk

The trunk to my car is stuck shut, and I can’t get it open. The door ajar light is stuck on, as the trunk is unlatched, but it won’t @$)(#Q open. The pull releases for the back seats are also hidden in the trunk, so I can’t even get in there. I’m not pleased.

The commentators for the baseball games are ruining it for me. The last 2 games I’ve had to mute, with music playing.

phone calls

It’s fun watching baseball games, cause whenever anything significant happens, I get a call from someone (Mindy, Sven, Mark, Jplant, Steve, Dave, Joel, etc..). That’s just good stuff.

Adventure Island

All Hail Me!

adventure island

So yeah.. I did indeed start Adventure Island, and after a little while: I beat Adventure Island. It was tough, but I’m fantastically amazing. Bring on Toe-Jam and Earl

Sarah Vowell

Jplant introduced me to, which featured some wonderful writings by the lovely Sarah Vowell, whom I adore. I now desire the audio CD book “The Partly Cloudy Patriot” featuring Conan O’Brien, Seth Green, and others I like. My birthday is coming up.. hint.. hint.. hint..

I don’t care for Zambrano

I don’t really like him.. and haven’t all season. He seems to enjoy giving up runs, and then not winning. I find this unpleasant.

Council Meeting

I was on the schedule to lead the prayer this morning before the morning worship service at the council meeting. Apparently council is supposed to meet with the minister just prior to the service to go over any last minute announcements, changes, etc.. and to pray, and set up who is going to do the collection. Well, I was informed of this meeting a few weeks after becoming deacon, and managed to miss all of them (for various reasons, some good (my car was encased in ice, and I was unable to chip it out in time, so I arrived late), some bad (I woke up late, then had to get gas, then showed up late). Anyway, I knew I had to be there today, cause I was praying, and I was a bit mad that I hadn’t gone last week, so I could have at least gotten a good feel for what the prayers were like. Anyway, show up way early today, and stand around for a while (I don’t like standing around my church before the service at all… the people I would talk to are already seated, and I know I’ll just talk to them afterwards. The people I don’t feel like talking to (they’re nice [old] people, but they really don’t have anything to say to me, nor I to them, so it’s just a lot of awkward standing, and comments on the weather.) all swing by, and try to think of something good to say (“How are your parents.. tell them ‘hi’ from me… do you know what my name is?”) It also just draws more attention to the fact that I’m there by myself every Sunday.. which, while not a huge deal, is still kinda irksome at times.

Anyway, I’m standing there, and waiting for the rest of the people to arrive, and one of the elders casually mentions that the pastor [a guest pastor] has not yet arrived.. and we haven’t heard from him in a day or two. I find the situation amusing, and sit back as the inevitable comments are made… they fall into one of two categories, there are the “Ron’s name is on the list, so if the pastor doesn’t show, I guess he’ll have to preach”, and the “Well, you’ve got some minister’s blood in you, so I guess if the pastor doesn’t show, you’ll have to preach.” Guffaw.

Pastor shows up with about a minute to spare. He misjudged the travel time. I do my prayer, all is well.. and I get picked to do one of the offering plates. I manage to do that without screwing up too much (it was more complicates that I thought. I was in charge of the balcony, which means getting all the balcony offerings by myself, then running down, and quick emptying the offering box (for budget and building addition funds) we have in the narthax (which is locked with a special key in a hiding spot I had to go run and get), then passing that off to one of the other deacons when they reached the end of the sanctuary pews. it took a few seconds to find where the lock was on the box… but I’m assuming we still got done on time. I dunno, whatever.. we got the money, that was the point, right?

Oh yeah, and I have my first full fledged council meeting tomorrow (I was in Dallas when the first one was scheduled. Council = elders + deacons + pastor. This should prove interesting… I’m wondering if I’ll be vocal, (as I was in the deacons meeting) or silent (as I tend to get in strange or uncomfortable situations). Hrm.. at this point I guess I just hope I don’t swear or mention I believe in evolution… Oh, and I have homework, but no one bothered to tell me what chapters I was supposed to read in The Purpose Driven Church. I suppose it doesn’t matter. It’s not like they can punish me by kicking me out.. hell, the worst they could do is extend my term. Anyway, it’s 2.. I should sleep.


I picked up Season 5 of Deep Space 9 today, and managed to cap off disc 1 already. I’d have gotten through more, but an hour long nap turned into more like a 4 hour nap. It was glorious, but I woke up really out of it. Also, I’ve not had a real meal in 2 days.(I has a slice of pizza at Jplant’s during the Lan party.. then skipped dinner.. then today I had a piece of bread and a slice of cheese), so I think that might be messing with me a bit as well. I should eat.

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  1. ISTR that the game we saw Zambrano pitch was a well-pitched game. True, he’s no Mark Prior (well, strike that in light of game 6 :-P) but he seems like a solid guy.

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