On the Way to Dallas.

Dave and I are at the airport in GR. We just watched a CNN news report about which birds stayed “Married” longer (Flamingos “divorce” every year, while the albatross mates for life.) So we started making fun of the report… and the lady sitting in front of us started making fun of the report as well… it was pretty funny. The sad thing: They spent more time asking people on the street “which birds do you think divorce each other the most?” rather than…say… talking about what this 8 year study found out. the sadder thing: Scientist spent 8 years studying these birds, and at the end of the report, the conclusion was “it would require more research”. No, no… you’re helping us out a ton, thanks scientists.

I was going to read Harry Potter 5, that was the big thing. I purposefully didn’t bring the gameboy advance so i could focus on reading… then right before I left the house (Robb brought me to the airport. Thanks Robb!) I went into my suitcase to get a sweatshirt, and set the book down… Yeah, I left it at home. I’m pissed

But I did remember Extreme – III Sides to Every Story and NIN – The Downward Spiral, so at least I can work on that.

Why do we have to show up hours early, just to sit around for hours at the gate? I wish I had games on this thing [My Handspring]

It is now 9:15. The plane was supposed to leave at 9:00. Um.. We’re not on the plane yet. They said we’d leave at 9:20 about a half an hour ago.. but that’s not going to happen. and now they’re not even talking to us, and this whole back section appears to be devoid of airport/airline staff. I think they may have just given up on us. Whatever. People around here appear pissed.

Saturday was Cathy’s birthday. She came on over to the house in the early afternoon. Swac was out with his Dad and siblings, and Robb had to work, I believe, so it was just her and I, which was fun. We hung out for a while, had a few drinks, and then her friend, Isaac, headed on over and joined us. The 3 of us headed off to Don Pablos, where we planned to meet up with Laura. While waiting for a table, we hung out in the bar, and Cathy decided to order us up 3 shots of Tequila. I like Tequila… well, no, I like salt, a lot… Tequila is just kinda fun cause it involves salt, and it has steps to follow. I respect that. So yeah, lick salt, down shot, eat lime == good stuff. Doing all that on a completely empty stomach is kinda fun as well. The thing that I kinda like about shots is the “woah” feeling you get about 2 minutes afterwards. You’re doing fine, and talking, and then all of a sudden it’s like you went down a big hill wile driving and lost your stomach. That’s just kinda neat. Well, it’s neat when you’re pissed off and disillusioned with your present situation and don’t so much care how you feel the next day.

Tequila arrives, and Cathy gets a “panicked” look on her face, realizing she doesn’t know so much what she’s doing. Some explanation, and half a shaker of salt later, we all slam them, and feel awfully proud of ourselves. I got myself a big beer, and soon thereafter we were seated at our table, and Laura joined us. Meal, talking, good stuff all around. After Don pablos, we headed downtown. ( I was elected driver… ) It was celebration on the Grand, and Cathy wanted to see a band, (She didn’t care which band, or what kind, she just wanted to see one… and it was “her day”.. Well, according to her, it’s “her month” so you do what she says.) We arrived and found the LAV area, and there was a blues band playing there. I had an entertaining chat some random guy (Ben) who was completely trashed (he could no longer stand up), but was “quite pleased” to meet me. We hung out there for a while, then headed to Flannigans for some drinks. Cathy got herself a free drink ( I think she more or less told the bartender that she needed a free drink because it was her birthday, and he agreed, and then she got pissed when he wanted to continue speaking to her after her drink had been given.) I had a coke… but then Cathy couldn’t finish hers, So I downed that, and Laura didn’t drink hers, so I drained that. Laura had called Erin, and Erin had called me back (Laura used my cell), and we agreed to meet up with her and her group (they were out by the LAV area.) So we finished our drinks, and headed back out there. Earlier in the evening, Cathy had waxed philosophical about the grandeur of getting those “over 21” bracelets.. we went and got those… then put them to good use… There’s a whole subchapter about how Cathy was supposed to meet up with her sister, but feeling bad about not inviting her, and then inviting her, then not meeting up with her anyway that I have decided not to include. Anyway, the group of us walked ot the other park to see the other band there, but by the time we got there they were done. (Minimal effort was then put forth to find her sister, who was supposed to be there.) We headed back to the LAV place, hung out there for a while, then we went to Cambridge House. This entire time, I was having a good time hanging out with Erin and her friends. (I had met some of them before.) The common theme that I had brought up, and others seemed to agree with and latch on to was that “girls are evil and deceptive. This was then proven true repeatedly throughout the evening. Anyway, Cambridge House, We all hung out there for a while, then we all took off, and I let Isaac drive us back to Don Pablos, then my house, where we hung out and watched Old School American Gladiators with the roommates and others at the home, then they all took off, and I went to bed, cause I had church in the morning.

Church Sunday: I was installed as Deacon. It was fine. I went home, and watched the Simpson’s Season 3 Director’s Commentary all afternoon (It was wonderful) Swac, Mandace, and Swac’s brother, Pete, and I headed off to Max and Ermas for dinner, then we headed over to Pete’s place so I could look at their Internet setup.. It had wall jacks hooked up to a homemade “switch” but it was all fubar, and it was really just a box where you could choose which room a straight line from the modem (in the basement) would go. So it sucked. I’m told they used to run Windows Internet Connection sharing, but none of them knew if it worked on more than one computer at a time, or how it worked in the first place. I got them hooked up with a router, and showed them how to set it up. (They needed to pick up some Cat5) But yeah, I good group of guys, and a nice looking college house.

Serita mentioned linking to a heart. Back story: I did that little entry on Ed starting up soon, and I put a few Carol pictures up. Some people found that post a bit “obsessive” or “stalker-esque” I guess. A short line of thinking made me wonder how much time it would take to create something truly worthy of such comments. It turns out it took me a total 4 minutes, then an additional 2 minutes. 3 programs: 1 to scrape the cache to get thumbnails, 1 to create an html table and insert images in appropriate places, and then 1 to resize all the images to a good uniform size. I’m currently working on that 2nd program, and I hope to make a photomosaic using my europe photos.

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