I am home at last.

I’m back from Dallas/Chicago. It was a long trip, and I’m very pleased to be home. When I finally arrived in my room late last night I had this waiting for me:

justin ernie ack


To my roommate(s) [and any other helpers that might have been involved.]: Nicely done.

3 thoughts on “I am home at last.

  1. Is that really a zing? Like, isn’t a zing when someone insults you in a particularly witty way, or takes something you say and turns it around on you? I don’t think that putting sexy boy posters up is really a zing.

    Not to detract from what your roommates did. It is quite funny, and I’m impressed that they were willing to spend money on you (assuming Swac didn’t just grab the Justin Timberlake poster from his room)

  2. Um.. On the one hand I agree with you, as it’s not so much a “zing” as it is a prank. But I kinda took the two “half-naked dude” posters as being a subtle “Ron is Gay” type comment, which I would then classify as a zing. So it’s an indirect zing, if nothing else. Perhaps a new word should enter my vocabulary to describe such events (joining “Zing” and “hiyo!” as reactions or exclamations to/for attacks on myself or someone else.)

    Now, the Swac comment would be a straight out Zing!, and a fine one at that.

  3. Ziyo!

    Oh, another component of a zing is that it makes light of some existing aspect of the zingee. So the Justin Timberlake poster is a zing if you are gay, and your roommates are like “Oh, if you’re gay, then you must be in love with Justin Timberlake!”. I don’t think that a regular old insult (that is, calling a heterosexual man a homosexual) is necessarily a zing, unless there is some hidden truth to the insult.

    So then… is it a zing?

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