The Max and Ermas Enigma

Robb and I joined Sven and Julie, and Mindy at Max and Ermas on Tuesday night for dinner. I mentioned that my phone was fubar (and unfortunate meeting with the bathroom floor in Dallas caused the screen light to go out when you flipped the thing all the way open, making it hella tuff to use in the dark. Also, the outside screen didn’t light up when you pressed the side button, which meant I couldn’t figure out what time it was late at night either. As Robb and I were leaving, Robb pointed out the verizon store across the street. I had it in mind to just go to the place in the mall where I got my phone on Thursday [today] during my lunch break. But Robb said he didn’t mind heading there right now… Turns out Monday was exactly 1 day before my 1 year anniversary of getting the phone, and thus also the end of my 1 year warranty. So a big “nice one” to Robb for getting me to go that day. They also had the same phone in stock, which was huge, because I love my phone, and did not want to get stuck with some new one.

Robb and I headed to Max and Ermas for some dessert after my softball game on Wednesday, and the place was almost empty (it was about 9:45, and they close at 11:00pm). There were a number of familiar faces working that night (Michelle, Joe, Evan, Amy, etc..) Michelle was our server. Amy and Joe were cut for the night, so they were cleaning up their sections, and wrapping silverware, etc. Then Amy came over and talked to us for quite some time, which was kewl. Shortly after she took off, Joe headed over, and said to me “Do you realize that you are ‘The Max and Ermas Enigma’?” I asked what exactly he meant, and he explained that I was in there all the time, and pretty much everyone knew who I was, but nobody knew anything at all about me. Joe had a few guesses, based on some logical deduction. His first guess was that I worked in the area, but that got shot down, as I usually wore T-shirts, and other clothing not typically considered “work attire”… unless I worked at a fairly laid back place that allowed that kinda thing (which, in fact, I do). Another possibility was that I went to college around here (most likely Grand Valley), but that seemed unlikely, as the typical college student doesn’t have the money to go out to eat 4 or 5 times a week. He then surmised that my family must be wealthy, and I was “living off Daddy’s money”. I found that funny. I explained that I graduated from Calvin 2 years ago, work as a computer programmer in Muskegon, and that they let me work from home some days (thus explaining my regular Tuesday and Thursday lunches there).

Joe also mentioned that the servers there were afraid/hesitant to stop by and talk to me, as I seemed quiet, reserved, and/or very focused on the conversation I’d be having with whomever my guest(s) was(were). I told him (and encouraged him to make it known to his co-workers, particularly those of the opposite sex) that they ought to feel free to swing over and talk to me [*and give me their phone number*]. So that was pretty kewl. Then we talked about drinks, and getting hammered for a while, which was pretty funny as well. I asked about Katie, the lovely curly haired waitress that I hadn’t seen around in a while, and he told me she was gone to school, and that was a disappointment, cause she was hella kewl. I’m hoping she magically returns, but as my hopes have a tendency to never come true, I guess I’ll not place much belief in that hope. Anyway, long story short, I’m expecting women to throw themselves at me when I go there from now on. Ah, senility.. I’ve waited so long for you, and now that you’re here, you’re everything I could have hoped for, and more.

[update: Apparently, getting a new phone means that this phone can no longer receive calls. That seems like a feature I should have been told about earlier…]

[update 2: According to Verizon, they have “no idea” what the problem could be with my phone, but hope to have it fixed in the next 24-48 hours. So if you’re trying to call me (see the optimism there?) and get lucky enough to get my voicemail instead of a busy signal.. leave a message, and I’ll call you back.]

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