Another project: Albums I love.

Having to go without [much] music the week I was gone, (I listened to The Downward Spiral on the plane, but that’s been it.) I started thinking about what albums I really liked, and I’ve compiled a list. It is by no means complete, nor should its order really mean much, though some albums I obviously like better than others. I will list out a number that I thought of that I really liked, but decided not to stick on the list for one reason or another (e.g. I didn’t like a few songs, or I already had a ton of albums from that artist on the list, or it’s too new, and I’m not sure if I’ll still like it as much in a year or two.) Criteria for this list: 1.) I have to like/tolerate every song on the album (with a possible exception here or there.), rather than it being just an album with two songs I like. 2.) I listen to it frequently, and find the lyrics meaningful or worthwhile. [And therefore, it has to have lyrics. Otherwise The Jurassic Park Soundtrack would have to be on here.] 3.) I can envision myself listening to this album in a year or 5 years (So, current favs like Avril Lavigne don’t get greater appreciation than they deserve). 4.) I have some sort of emotional tie to songs on the album (or the album itself) or associate songs/the album with particular events/stages in my life. As I tend to do that alot, and quite quickly, I figured it was a valid criteria to add. So I’ll try to add an album each day… but for now, the ones that didn’t quite make the cut (i.e. I liked them a lot, but they didn’t make the top 25 list) : [in no order at all]

  • Violent Femmes – Violent Femmes
  • Pearl Jam – Vitology
  • Soul Asylum – Let Your Dim Light Shine
  • Veruca Salt – Resolver
  • Pearl Jam – Yield
  • The Verve Pipe – Pop Smear
  • Nirvana – Nevermind
  • Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet
  • R.E.M. – New Adventures in Hi-Fi
  • R.E.M. – Monster
  • Guster – Keep It Together
  • R.E.M. – Document
  • Pearl Jam – No Code
  • Weezer – Pinkerton
  • Soul Asylum – Candy from a Stranger
  • Dashboard Confessional – A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar
  • Crash Test Dummies – God Shuffled His Feet
  • Counting Crows – Recovering the Satellites.
  • Pearl Jam – No Code
  • The Verve Pipe – The Verve Pipe
  • Live – The Distance to Here
  • Kristin Hersh – Hips and Makers
  • Gary Jules – Greeting from the Side
  • Elastica – Elastica

11 thoughts on “Another project: Albums I love.

  1. Wow Ron,

    You must really like Pearl Jam – No Code.

    I would admit it is a quality album, but I think PJ has a better album that could have been put on there twice.

  2. The Verve Pipe? I can think of a few other things I’d put in my ears before them, and at least one of them is an ice pick. They really rode ‘Freshman’ for an eternity.

    I must say, Ron, that I’m proud that Dave Matthews Band is nowhere on the above list. The infatuation Michigan has with that asshat is astounding.

  3. Sven -> yeah.. well, I’ve got the top 25 still to go, and they’re there, those where just the other ones I thought of…but you already knew that [now].

    Adam -> First of all, Verve Pipe is excellent, but you’re welcome to ice pick yourself anyway. Saying a band sucks because you listen to crappy radio stations is stupid, in my opinion. It’d be like saying Chuck Berry sucked because all you ever heard was “My Dingaling”… [which is a fine song, by the way]. As it is, I like the Freshman, though it’s no where near my favorite song by them, nor is it very representative of their work as a whole.

    As for DMB, there’s a few songs of his I like, but I can only handle him for a little while before his voice just annoys me. It might be shallow, but I view people who answer the question “what kind of music do you listen to?” with “I kinda like Dave Matthews” as having either little interest in music (i.e. it’s the standard “safe” west michigan answer to that question) orjust overall poor taste in music (if that’s the first band you’d mention, then seriously, you’re scraping rock botom).

  4. Yes…I now understand the list.

    I do find it very interest: You make a list of albums that don’ t make your list.

    Know you as I do, I’m not too suprised though. You really like lists.

    And are an attractive man.

  5. I dunno, Ron. They suck. Maybe it’s just because it was a total phenomenon for every dumbassed college/high school freshman. And for the record, you couldn’t turn the radio dial without hitting the damn song playing nine times in a row. It was like poor Jon lovitz in ‘high school high’, trying to find a station without the same rap song.

  6. Once again, they do not suck. Just cause you’re the dumbass that insists on listening to the radio doesn’t mean that they suck. Accept the fact that the radio is shit, and then stop listening to it. The same thing happened to Ben Folds Five. People said they sucked, when all they heard was “brick” a zillion times on the radio. Stop listening to the radio.. they’re not going to play new music. That’s not the band’s fault. Turns out Bend Folds is good… even though I hate Brick (and not because it’s overplayed, but just cause I don’t like it.) Verve Pipe is good.

  7. So *this* is what you were talking about at lunch yesterday, huh? Now I know what you’ve been occupying yourself with recently. I’m assuming, of course, that the top 25 has been figured out already.

    And how the hell did “Nevermind” not make your top 25 list?

  8. Oh, and when I begin my already-planned series on “My favorite Beatles albums”, don’t think I’m copying you. I’ve been wanting to start a blog series on my favorite records by the Fabs for some time now, but you beat me to the punch when it came to blogging on records.

    Are there any Beatles in your top 25? They are, after all, THE GREATEST F@!#ING BAND EVER.

  9. You know what… I’m noticing more and more that I’m skipping past the Beatles songs whenever they come up on random… They’re good and all, but I just have no interest in listening to them. Not such a good sign for them being in the top 25, eh?

  10. Oh… and Nevermind is very good..I mean, it almost made the list and all, but I just don’t listen to it all that much.. and there are songs on it that I kinda skip over… and I can recall no real emotional tie to any of the songs except Lithium (ah… Chanda from the Golden age..).

    Oh, and stop copying me.

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