24. Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill

cd cover 24. Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill

This was the first tape I ever owned. We were living in Cleveland at the time, and I had heard about the tape from a friend of mine, but knew absolutely nothing about what it was like So my parents got it for me (thanks in no small part to my brother, Jeff, saying that it was okay [i.e. not “bad” music]). This was pretty much the only music I listened for years, Consequently, I learned the entire album word for word, and could still recite any song at the drop of a hat (ain’t that right, Tuuk?). This album was all about girls, partying, and how great the Beastie Boys are. Quality stuff. Here’s one album that still holds its own after all these years. (People still seem to love it when Brass Monkey gets blasted in the bar, anyway.)

It’s harder to say that this album, and these lyrics moved me in a significant way, save for the obvious nostalgia, but this album did teach me a few things: Don’t take whores back to my house, because they might rob me while I’m sleeping, White Castle fries only come in one size, and don’t try to out-rhyme the Beastie Boys. So yeah.. This album is just pure fun, and it sports yet another quality album cover:

Beastie Boys

The tape showed the full picture, and the Cd cover folder out to show this full image. On the tale is 3MTA3. [“Eat Me” backwards]. Some places online having said this cover is supposed to represent the rock n roll life style.. .where everything appears safe, but when you open it up to look closer, it’s crashed into a mountain.. .but come on. We all know it’s a joint.

Fav songs include: Rhymin’ and Stealin; Paul Revere’s Ride, Girls, Brass Monkey, She’s Crafty. An aside: The following lyrics got me punched by two different girls on two separate occasions:

Girls – to do the dishes
Girls – to clean up my room
Girls – to do the laundry
Girls – and in the bathroom
— Girls

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  1. I “borrowed” my first Licensed to Ill album from my friend Tony for two years. He thought my friend Jim had taken it to Ireland. At Calvin, Jeff “borrowed”it from me freshman year. During our sophmore year his psycho roommate took it and Waldo’s leather jacket. Perhaps its desirablility speaks of its quality.

    p.s. I think Jeff “borrowed” my Communist Manifesto too. The irony makes me chuckle from time to time.

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