21. Enya – Watermark

cd cover 21. Enya – Watermark

A story: I’ve always had trouble sleeping. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t sleep well, or that I was always tired, it was just certain nights I couldn’t fall asleep, no matter what I tried. This got to be a pretty big problem around my sophomore year of High School, when I was going 2 or three days in a row with less than 2 hours of sleep (This was before my body had grown used to such things, and no longer felt it out of the ordinary.) I’d just lie awake all night, thinking about things [my brain endlessly grinding on things it had no control over], and wishing I could fall asleep. I told Beth about it, and she sent me a tape, and told me to listen to it at night when I was trying to go to sleep. It didn’t work right away, and there were nights when I ended up hearing the whole tape 3 or 4 times through, but in time this tape seemed to develop the ability to calm and pacify me to the point that I could just fall asleep no matter how much was on my mind. Soon the tape was being used to calm me when I was pissed [which was a lot… this was High School we’re talking about, after all], calm me when I was anxious, accompany me when I was studying, and overall just return me to a sense of normalcy when I was bugging out. When I got to college, it was one of the few tapes that remained in my car at all times, always ready to come through if I was about to explode. To this point, all I knew was that it was Enya, as Beth had written “Enya” on one side of the tape. Well one day during my Junior year of college, Swac and I were at a used Cd store, and I noticed a section of Enya, and I noticed Watermark, and the titles of some of the songs sounded pretty familiar (Orinoco Flow and Cursum Perficio), so I bought it, and it was indeed the album I had on the tape. Since that time I’ve gotten quite a few Enya albums, and I like them all, but none can compare to the power and memories that Watermark still holds for me.

In more recent years, I’ve done a little looking to see what exactly is being said in some of these songs. I knew that many of them were in a foreign language, (some Latin, some stuff I didn’t recognize [later found them to be Irish Gaelic, which makes sense]).) Anyway, I was pleased when I saw that the lyrics themselves were pretty good (i.e. they weren’t just Chumbawamba translated into Latin, or anything.). My favorite song on the album since the first time I heard it is Storms in Africa (II). As a fan of just sitting and watching thunderstorms, any song that begins with the sounds of a storm are going to get a few extra points.

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  1. I like stories.

    So to bring up a past comment:

    Is it alright to say that a song can be ruined by being overplayed?

    I realize to say a song sucks from being overplayed is a bit ridiculous (since a song is either good or bad based on itself), but there are bands and songs that can really get old and very annoying, even if we recognize how MTV and the radio work.

    Perhaps if this did happen, then it may not have been as good of a song as first thought.

  2. I’d still say it’s a poor arguement. For one, you can control how much you hear a song, in most cases. You’re not ordered to watch mtv or listen to a particular radio station, and I am of the opinion that both ought to be avoided anyway. I think Prime Rib is good. If I ate nothing but prime rib for a year, and get sick of it, does that mean prime rib isn’t good? No.. it means I’m a retard. (You’ll note that this analogy no longer holds true if I had said Aurelios Pizza… you just can’t ever get sick of that stuff)

  3. To clarify:

    I never said overplaying a song would make it suck. I actually changed the thesis to say that overplaying a song could ruin it.

    While you may be a retard (and I’m sure most people reading this may think so), if you ate Prime Rib everyday for a year, it would probably be ruined for you. (Thus going back to my [not Tuuk’s retracted] original thesis.)

    It is also possible that a roomate (or other type of person) could play the song loud enough for the apartment complex to here, thereby ruining (not making it suck) for everybody.

    I am interested in your ideas, and would like to subscribe to your newletter.

  4. Having a roommate blast a particular mediocre song repeatedly may indeed cause said song to be ruined. I would consider this an example of when you are, indeed, forced to hear a particular song over and over again. I’m forced to believe that had the song been one that I really liked, such an overplaying would not have ruined it, but I really couldn’t say. Well, maybe I could:

    Near the end of my time in Cleveland, a radio station (Power 108) did something odd. They started playing “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” repeatedly. By this, I mean they’d play the song all the way through, then when it was done, there was a cartoon clip that said “That’s the end?”, then Donald Duck said “There’s something awfully screwy going on here.”, then the song played again. This cycle continued throughout the entire day. I remember driving in my friend Dave’s car with my friends Dave, Tim, and Gary, listening to this song over and over again. We played basketball for a few hours with the car stereo cranked playing this song. When I got home, after dinner, I turned on the radio, and played this song all night, until around 4 or 5 in the morning, when it stopped, and it was announced that Power 108 was now “108 – The End”. I don’t know if it was the weirdness of the whole thing, or the excitement of wanting to hear it when it ended, or just cause I love that song, but I never got sick of it, and still love it to this day. So perhaps that’s some evidence to say that a good song might not be ruined by being overplayed.

  5. I can’t say I have any stance on Enya either for or against, but it does remind me of the Atom and his Package song, ‘Pumping Iron for Enya’, in which he tells a story about how he joined a gym and is now trying to get in shape so that he’ll have a better chance with Enya, who he fell in love with after seeing her face on an album cover.

  6. Ron –> If you ate Prime Rib every day for a year, you’d probably die, thus making the question whether it’s still good or not a moot and relatively unimportant one. (That is, until after your funeral. I imagine the subject would come up then)

    I like Enya. Her most recent CD is great. DrewPop used to have her greatest hits. I miss that CD.

    I also know the radio station whereof you speak. I used to listen to 108 – The End on the way to Pittsburgh. It’s not there anymore.

  7. I like prime rib. I could probably eat it every day for a year. I ate peanut butter sandwiches almost every day for over a year. I can’t stand peanut butter sandwiches now.

    Difference: Peanut butter sandwiches totally suck. Prime rib Rocks.

    You’re gimball’s.

  8. I ate Totinos Pizzas about 4 times a week for a year.
    I can no longer eat totinos pizza.

    I ate Macaroni and Cheese for almost every meal I had for a year
    I can no longer eat macaroni and cheese.

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