Just a few things

Just a few quick things:


Swac is back from his trip to Maryland, and there was much rejoicing. He even got me a gift. He rules. To celebrate his return, he and I went out for a bike ride… [dramatic segue]

My Worst Fear

Swac and I were biking, and moving along just fine, about 3/4ths of the way through our trip, lamenting the fact that we were just passed by a couple on a tandem recumbent bike, when a bug flew into my eye. This has happened a few times while biking (each time causing me to vow that I’ll “never go out biking again without sunglasses on.”), and while annoying, it’s never caused serious problems. I rub my eye a little, tear up a bit, the bug gets knocked out, and then I’m fine. Well this time it didn’t work that way. The bug got caught underneath the eye,a nd started going behind the eye, and it was really starting to hurt. We finally pulled off to the side, and I flushed my eye with my water for a while, but still no love. Meanwhile, I was going fairly blind in that eye. things in the very middle where somewhat clear, while everything else was blurry and unintelligible. The more I messed with the eye, the worse it hurts, and the worse my vision got. I realized there was little more I could do out there, so we raced home (literally raced.. it was fun), and I headed to the bathroom to fix my eye.

Now if you’re here, you probably know me (or you’re looking for “Pictures of Lasagna” or “How to make homemade pr0n“… if you’re the latter, please stop coming here, it’s kinda freaking me out.), and you probably know of my intense fear, queasiness, and disgust for matters dealing with the eye, i.e. Eye poking, close-ups of the eye, any sort of sharp object traveling near the eye, etc.. I think eyes are beautiful windows to the soul and all that, but they really creep me out. Now I’d shoot myself before I let someone else touch my eye, so I had to go in by myself, and try to work this bug out of my eye, and it took quite some work. Sven and Swac stood by offering suggestions, while I used a wet Q-tip to work around the eyeball… Even talking about it now makes me want to throw up. Anyway, after some work, I found the bug, [It was way down on the bottom of the eye.) and I worked it back up, and got it out. At that point, I was sufficiently grossed/freaked out, and I wanted nothing more than to stab myself in the face and focus on something else for a while…. But after a while, my eye still hurt, and my vision was still significantly impaired, and my eye was still twitching like crazy. I took a close look at my eye, and it looked like the left side of the eye was really puffy and torn up a bit. This freaked me out a lot. I had Robb take a look, and he said it just looked bloodshot, but not damaged at all. That calmed me slightly (at that point, I was panicking.), but looking at it again, it still looked pretty messed up to me. After a few more minutes of “waiting it out”, it was no better, so I went back in with a Q-tip, and found some nasty crap stuck to the far left side of my eye, and worked that out. With that out, my eye felt much better, but I was so throughly disgusted I considered popping the eye out anyway because of the bad memories attached to the experience. My my vision restored, I returned to my room…[less dramatic segue]

Fantasy Football Draft

Sven and I were involved in a “live” (i.e. non-automatic) NFL Fantasy Football draft last night. Our friends from the Illinois area met up together at Josh’s place, and Sven and I were at my place, and we were connected via an instant messenger, and took turns picking players. We had to wait on Al, who was at a Sox game, so it took a while (9:00pm – 12:00am), but it was a lot of fun, I thought. I also ended up with a pretty nice team:

Qb: Rich Gannon
WR: Tory Holt
WR: Peerless Price
WR: Amani Toomer
RB: Priest Holmes
RB: Shaun Alexander
TE: Randy McMicheal
D: Steelers
K:Jay Feely

QB: Jeff Garcia
WR: Charles Rogers
RB: Eddie George
RB: Curtis Martin
D: Falcons TE: Wesley Walls

So I’m looking forward to that. I’ve got another league I’m in, so I’m hoping I don’t suck too bad in both of them.. With that done, I went to bed…[another segue]

Stupid eye

I woke up, and my eye hurt like hell. I went to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. My eye looked a little something like this. [I say “a little something” cause it really looked like this, but the flash seemed to take away all the impressiveness of the thing, so I had to do some “creative additions” to illicit the necessary sympathy. What? Like you’ve never played up something for pity. Shut up. Anyway, the eye is still puffy, but not as bad, but it itches a lot. And now I have to go to the last regular golf league outing of the year! [and there was much rejoicing, cause IRFSAG.]

3 thoughts on “Just a few things

  1. I didn’t know about your aversion to talk about eyes, but I share it with you. Mine looked worse, but your description made me want to violently throw up. It didn’t lay eggs back there, or anything, did it? You always hear stories…

  2. That’s not bad at all, you should see my father’s eyes during rag weed pollenating time. It blows up like a balloon, and looks disturbing.

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