Max Headroom

Yesterday, Swac and I were going to meet Adam at Egypt Valley to bike the trails there. Swac had mentioned that some of the trails were a little dangerous, and recommended I get a helmet. [I’ve always considered helmets pretty girly.] So we loaded up Swac’s car, with his bike on his roof rack (it only has room for one bike) and my bike on my trunk-latching rack, and we hopped in the car and headed off to Galyans, where Swac works. At Rivertown, Galyans is two floors, with a two-story parking lot right in front. We swung through, and decided to park in the lower parking lot. We turn to go to the lower parking lot, underneath the 2nd story…


The sounds that followed were made by us, and are not to be repeated. Turns out that Matt’s bike, which sat on top of his car, was a bit too tall for the entrance to the parking lot. It ripped the entire roof rack right off his car, tearing up one of his window frames in the process. His bike appeared in relatively good shape, with some noticeable damage to the front (where it collided with the overhang, I’m assuming), and the bike rack was pretty mangled. We quickly gathered up the pieces, and tossed them into the car, as other people were waiting to exit. Never mind the fact that there was plenty of room for them to exit, and we were off to the side, they continued to sit there looking impatient. People are f‘ing stupid (PAFS) [You’ll note that I’m now using more abbreviations and acronyms. Try to keep up.] So we got the remains into the car, set his bike up on my bike rack in the back of the car, and did our best to fix up the window.

We headed in to Galyans, and I found a helmet, and some 1337 biking gloves, and were on our way to Egypt Valley. After some time, we made it there, and met up with Adam. The trails were quite kewl, though the abundance of sand cause me a number of problems [of the “I can’t go forward or steer anymore” variety]. I was taking it slow, as I didn’t want to kill myself quite yet (I need something to do on my 25th birthday), but it was a lot of fun. I was feeling a bit more confident about my skills when we entered the 3rd section (I think there are 4 sections, I’m pretty sketchy on all the details). The thirds section starts at the base of a loose gravel hill, and takes a sharp right. Swac warned us it was a bit tricky. I was going last, and we gave each other decent following distances. When I turned to enter the sections (going at a fairly good clip) I caught some sand or something, but I lost all control, and then my bike struck some sort of obstruction (rock, root, or hill) and stopped instantly. My body did not stop, and I went flying over the handlebars, and into a bush. I was pleased that I had landed in a more or less padded area of the earth, and since I didn’t really injure myself at all, I’ve decided the entire incident was “hella kewl”. I got back on, headed off, and caught up with the guys after a while. [well… they stopped for me… frequently]. Anyway, yeah, biking was fun, and Adam’s new bike looks pretty nice.

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