Where did this come from?

I woke up this morning with a sizable (2 – 2.5 inch) cut on my forehead. As far as I can recall, it was not there when I went to bed last night. There are no sharp objects near or on my bed, with the possible exception of the nightstand , which has rounded corners. So my question is: Where did this cut come from?

a cut on my head

18 thoughts on “Where did this come from?

  1. your dreams have gone beyond just mocking you, now they beat you up. i fully expect to discover that your lunch money will be taken in a future dream.

  2. You have probably been trying to kill yourself in your sleep, and just missed your wrist.

    You’re such a failure, you can’t even kill yourself correctly.

  3. did you wear a watch, did you fall asleep with pretzels, did you sleep walk only to get into a bar fight in you PJs, It could be stigmata.

  4. sorry bout that ron. i stole that computer chip out of your brain last night. i figured you weren’t using it to it’s full potential, so you didn’t deserve it any more. my cpu is a neural-net processor; a learning computer!

  5. You don’t have a kitty cat, do you? They sometimes like to walk on sleeping faces. Long ago, when my parents had a cat, I woke up with something very similar.

    Or how about mafia enemies, sending you a warning? If you don’t have a cat, that’s probably it.

  6. To prevent this from happening again, we should get you a nice white jacket that holds your arms at your side…I think its called a straight jacket. (If your afraid of being associated with the word “straight”, we can call it something else.)

    Then we can put you in a nice white padded room. So it doesn’t happen again.

    Just an idea. (I hear they get conjugal visits)

  7. The bigger question you should be asking is “Does he ever wear pants when taking photos of facial injuries”

    Jonathan, you must not know about “naked time’…

  8. Yeah, and watch out if he declares ‘naked time’ when he’s at your house or something. Took me days to explain it to the neighbors.

  9. Trust me, Ron. I’m married, remember? I know all about “naked time.” What I don’t understand is “naked time in front of the camera so I can put it on my website that’s read for the most part by other dudes.”

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