Lan Party 5

So I hosted another LAN party.. and this one had a plan: We were going to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and have the two teams set up in different rooms, so we could freely talk to our teammates without the other team overhearing. I think it worked out quite well. On hand for the fun were: Joel, Adam, BDF, Tuuker, Andy [remotely, for the first part], JHO and Dave [for the second part]. BDF, Joel, and I teamed up, and set up our computers in my bedroom, while Adam, Tuuk, then later JHo and Dave, set up in the dining room. I snapped a few pictures towards the end, but I think at this point, you’ve pretty much gotten the idea of what a LAN party looks like at my house.

There were a few things about this particular LAN that I think are worth mentioning. First off, I think the whole “teams in different rooms” thing was quite kewl, and quite helpful. There was one game in particular, where BDF stole a NAZI outfit, and he and I quick made a plan to sneak in the back entrance and complete the mission while Joel continued to create a diversion by rushing the front line, and screaming exasperated obscenities loud enough for the team in the other room to hear. It worked brilliantly. As the day went on, our team’s communication got even better. Hanging out in our room would’ve sounded something like this:

Joel: “Artillery incoming
[!*BOOM*! !*BOOM*!]
Ron: “I’ve got two headed for the tank… [*Bang-Bang-Bang*] they’re dead… Footbridge!
BDF: “I’ve got him… [*sniper shot*] Dead. I need Ammo.”
Joel: “I’m on it.

Meanwhile, we could hear various screams from the other room that sounded something like this:

What the Fuck are you doing!?
What the Fuck are you doing!?

So… slightly less productive, I guess.

Another event that happened at least 4 times that I counted was this: There has been dynamite planted at a key position, so an engineer is sent to diffuse it. The engineer enters, crouches and begins working on it, only to have it explode at that instant. The first occurrence was quite good: I was dead, and while I was waiting to respawn I was viewing BDF’s actions. Joel was guarding a room where the Dynamite had been planted (He was not an engineer, and thus could not diffuse it) BDF rushes into the room, and that instant my scream and BDF’s just turns bright white, and all Joel sees is a giant explosion shooting out the doorway. Classic.

Another odd occurrence: One of the last maps we played, we were seconds from victory when Dave managed to kill BDF right at the ending point. When we were done, JHo asserted that their team was hindered because Dave was on their team, and he hadn’t played the game before… We reminded him that Dave had saved their team in that match, and that the addition of Dave gave them 4 people to our 3… this information seemed to be lost on JHo…

So all in all, a fun time with the LAN. I’d like to get another one (at jplant’s place) going sometime, as many people seem interested in playing again… and I’d still love to get a game that included Alan, Jonathan, Jay… maybe even a remote Peter ? I think that’d be hella kewl.

4 thoughts on “Lan Party 5

  1. Um, you ‘defuse’ dynamite, not ‘diffuse’ it. Scattering dynamite, while not allowing it to focus the blast on a single target, would certainly make things a whole heck of a lot messier.

  2. I’m all over that… once I get off of dialup. :-( I’m sure it won’t be quite as cool as being there, but whatevah. I’m jonesin’ for good gaming.

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