Late Night Recap

So it’s been a little while, and while very little of significance has happened, I bet I’m still going to ramble for quite some time. Are you ready for it? I doubt it…


We had our work picnic a while back, and contrary to what some people may say, I was able to live up to my smack talk.


Another week, another pathetic attempt to be a golfer… ISAG.


In the past few weeks, I’ve been biking quite a bit. When I have a free hour (which isn’t all that often, really, but it happens) I hop on to Kent Trails by my house, and take that to the end and back (about 11 Miles total, I believe). I headed out to Easttown to bike near Reeds Lake with Adam andJplant again this past Thursday. It was good fun, and I can feel myself getting in better shape, and being able to last longer on the thing.. I really need a pair of gloves and a helmet though.

Finding Nemo

Kristin and I headed out Thursday night (after biking) to see Finding Nemo. I’m a fan of all the Pixar movies, and this one did not disappoint. The animation was clean and impressive, the story was cute, and while fairly predictable, it was still entertaining. Plus, since a lot of how much you enjoy a movie is based on who ya saw it with, hanging out with Kris while seeing it undoubtedly helped it a lot. The lines/situations/things we find funny are quite similar, and you feel more at ease laughing hard at something when someone else is too. Anyway, a find movie, and I’m glad I saw it.

Cabin Boy

I had never seen the movie Cabin Boy, but I was a big fan of Chris Elliot, especially in Get a Life. So when I saw the movie on sale for $6 at Meijer, I figured I’d give it a shot. Robb and I watched it… To say it did not live up to my fairly low expectations would be a kind way of putting it. To say it sucked complete ass would be slightly less kind, but likely more accurate. It failed to be “so bad that it’s good”, but it also failed to “not completely suck.” Sadly, because of Going Overboard, it even fails to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Redeeming feature? David Letterman was in it.


We went to the beach on Friday to join Brian and his wife for lunch where they were vacationing. On the way there we passed what appeared to be my old roommate, Adam. This seemed odd to me, as he lives out by Detroit. So I called Sven, to get Adam’s cell phone number. Sven hooked me up, and I called the number, and a woman answered. Since I’m quite good and thinking fast, and quite good at talking on the phone, the conversation went something like this:

Ron: Hi… is this Adam…or Beth?
Beth: This is Beth…
Ron: Okay.. are you guys out in Grand Haven right now?
Beth: I’m not.. Adam is currently in Grand Haven for work, but I’m back in Livonia…. Who is this!?
Ron: Um.. Oh! Sorry, this is Ron. I thought I saw Adam driving in Grand Haven, so I was trying to get a hold of him.

So Beth gave me his work cell number, and I called Adam, and we talked for a while. I reprimanded him a number of times for not getting a hold of us while he was in town, and he seemed somewhat apologetic, though not nearly enough. Anyway, it was kewl seeing him.

We get to the beach, have some food, and watch a fairly clueless [but attractive, and therefore more or less forgivable] girl repeatedly set of the alarm on her mom’s car, which she didn’t have the keys for, and therefore couldn’t turn off. Valiant attempts by various members of our team to help her proved fruitless.

We tossed the Frisbee around on the beach for a while, and the sand was very, very hot. The bottoms of my toes are currently still covered with blisters. The presence of many, many attractive girls made me realize that I shouldn’t go to the beach, because it just depresses me. Pretty girls with guys that are obviously wangs just pisses me off, and it seems to be an inevitable reality… No matter how seemingly smart the girl is, she seems content to attach herself to a dipshit. The ostrich solution seems like my only valid choice at this point.


I was cutting my hair last week, and I had pretty much finished, and it looked fine… pretty much the same cut I’ve had for the last 6 months or so… I was straightening out the neckline when I slipped a bit, and completely shaved off a sections of hair on the back of my hair at about ear height. This was not good. In order to “fix” the problem, I had to cut my hair quite, quite short everywhere but the top. I thought it turned out good enough. A big thanks to Joel for pointing out the similarities between me and an Army recruiter. (You bastard.)

Evil Leader

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re an evil leader or dictator, and you’ve captured two enemies that you know to be quite clever and resourceful… and you still choose not to instantly kill them, PLEASE consider either putting them in separate jail cells far away from each other, or bugging their cell, so that you can find out when and how they’re planning on breaking loose and ruining all of you best plans for world domination. Seriously, folks, it’s just common sense.


My friend from church, Nick Wabeke is getting married (thus meaning that every male in my Young Peoples group besides me is now engaged or married). For his bachelor party, we went out paintballing this past Saturday. It was hella fun. Here’s the weird thing: I no longer felt “the Fear”. The thought of getting shot no longer frightened me, and I was thus free to go ahead and play Rambo all day. (consequently, I got shot a number of times, and some of them hurt like hell. (I also have a number of these all over my body.) Anyway, it was a ton of fun.. My favorite was the first game of capture the flag:: Center Flag. The idea is that there’s a flag in the middle, and the team that brings the flag back to their base wins. Normal “you get hit, you’re dead” rules applied. It was 5 on 5, and one of my teammates was my golf partner/old Young People’s leader, Brian Van Hoven. He suggested that a fast person could just quick run out there, grab the flag, and return it before the other team knew what was happening. I’m fast… So the whistle blows, and I just book straight out into the open. Shots are flying past me, but I continue forward. Meanwhile, my teammates are laying down suppression fire around me, so the other team can’t afford to really poke their heads out or do much of anything. I get to the flag and instantly turn and throw it back towards my goal, assuming I’d be shot momentarily (I had asked the ref if we were allowed to throw the flag, and he said so long as you weren’t dead, you could). The flag goes sailing, and lands about halfway to our base…. but I’m not dead. So I book towards the flag, while my team continues to lay down fire, and the shots continue flying past me. I grab the flag, whip around the corner (shouting out to the two teammates behind the next corner that I was coming, so as not to get fragged by them), dart around the next corner, and straight to the goal. Game over. The entire thing took about 25 exhilarating seconds, and I was pretty jazzed about the whole thing. While we were switching sides, people from the other team wanted to know why the game had ended so early, assuming that someone’s gun had malfunctioned or something. When we explained that we had won, they seemed quite surprised. Epilogue: My overconfidence from that game lead to a point blank shot in the neck, and a number of potentially deadly shots in later games [Note the large green shot right by the command center there.]

San Chez

About a year and a half ago, I requested help in planning what I wanted to be “a perfect first date” with this girl. Steve suggested San Chez. Well, my hats off to Steve, cause I finally got a chance to go there this past Saturday, and that place is really nice. Cathy and I headed off to downtown GR to try it out (Cathy had been there a few times before, and I had never been) after deciding that a few other places just weren’t what we were interested in. Walk talking, we came to the conclusion that we were on a “date”, and we both seemed to find that amusing. During the course of the meal I told her “The Story of Ron (1995-2003)“, and she was adequately amused, intrigued, and horrified (which is the appropriate response to such a story, I believe.) But as it stands now, she knows a number of things about me that no one else does, and can understand why a number of key events in the past 2 years have been especially important/painful/meaningful/heartbreaking/etc.. There’s something liberating about being able to trust someone else with that kind of information, and because of that, I shall be forever thankful for my friendship with Cathy. There is certainly no one else like her.


I’ve been working on November Rain, and I’m making steady progress. It’s hella fun to play, I must admit. Thus far, I’ve gotten through much of the first solo (I still need to work on a few bends, and some timing, but the fingering is all there now I believe), the first section of the final solo (this solo is hella fast, and hella sweet. Each section is pretty tough, and there are [i believe] 8 sections to it. They all follow a similar pattern though, so once I get the first one down, learning the others will be slightly easier… except for 2 of them that are just so very fast that I’ll need to devote serious time to mastering them.), and all the chords, bridges, and single stringing during the verses and chorus. Maybe I’ll put a clip up to show where I’m at, but I bet I won’t.

I’ve been listening to a ton of Dashboard Confessional lately, and am more and more taken with the lyrics each time I listen. Perhaps this will just spill into a post of it’s own, but I haven’t been this into lyrics from an artist since I got into Nine Inch Nails.

I got to see Deedre the other day, and was again reminded why Greeks sailed to Troy […for control of commercial trade routes to the east]. It was a good time, and I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to see her again sometime soon.

At the house for the past few weeks has been this puzzle. I believe once it is finished, we will all be pleased that it is over and done with.

Looks like Dave and I are headed to Dallas the beginning of September for work. That ought to be fun. I think our flight from Grand Rapids to Chicago is on the back of a particularly hyper hummingbird, or something else of equal size.

One final thing: How about them Cubs!? They had first place for a while again, and now they’re down by just half a game! I’m loving it. And with that,I am now tired, so that is all.

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  1. I’m giving the newest album a spin right now, and thus far I’m liking it. Despite the many valid complaints Tuuk listed, I think I still like them.

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