It rained.

These are the types of people that I get email from.

It was raining very hard today. Here, take a look:

I’m watching Deep Space 9. I’ve watched 3 episodes so far, and will likely watch 4 more before I go to sleep. Season 4 comes out tomorrow.

I was talking to Swac today at Max and Ermas, and told him that life has gotten boring… and it has. The routine no longer interests me.. it’s really just keeping me busy. As it is now, there are really only 3 things keeping me going:

  1. Work: The new version of the Bible Gateway. I’ve been working on it for quite some time, and it’s getting closer to becoming a reality. Am I excited about it? eh.. Kind of.. in that “please just be over and done with already so I can go back to sleep” kind of way. There’s a lot of new things that we’re trying out with this project, and so there’s a decent amount of nervousness on my part… for all I know, it could just blow up in my face. Anyway, that being said, this is something I’ve been working on since the very beginning, and so I’ve got a vested interest in it not sucking. So it’s fairly simple: I want it to be done, and I want it to not suck.
  2. TV/Movies: I love mass media.. and lately, I’ve been watching lot of TV late at night. DS9, Scrubs, Family Guy, Sportscenter. Yada Yada Yada. I enjoy watching TV/Movies more than sleep.
  3. Hope. I’m a dumbass.

I decided I needed a challenge, so I’m trying to learn to play November Rain on the guitar. Turns out, so far, it’s hard.

6 thoughts on “It rained.

  1. The person who wrote that FOX 17 article doesn’t seem all that much more intelligent than the people that it’s about. It took me three tries to figure out what the second paragraph was saying. Glad that they paid attention to the “how to not write stupid sentences” part of grade school. Oh, and “sight” is not the same word as “cite”. Maybe the author skipped that day of journalism school.

    Regarding your level of boredom — do your friends play any part in the “keeping you going” thing? Like, do you look forward to hanging out with them? Or are they just another routine, too?

  2. Ron: I’m trying to come up with a positive sounding answer and I’m failing.

    You seem to be suffering (if you believe to be suffering, I s’pose) from the same thing that I’ve had for about a year now. Only for me, #1 is a leading cause of general malaise, and #2… well, I don’t like TV as a whole (most shows be complete drivel) and movies are too expensive to watch. Plus, I can’t pay attention the entire movie.

    I think the solution to the whole boredom thing is either to seek new opportunities until your thirst for the novel is quenched or to realize that you are indeed satisfied with your existence. It’s all relative deprivation, anyway – you see someone else who’s out there, on the edge, living life, and you look at your existence, and you feel as if you aren’t doing anything with your life. And maybe you aren’t living your life as much as you could be. Problem is, if you want to diversify you must also stretch your self thinner – you can’t become say, a guitar virtuoso if you want to also be a distance runner or a programming guru. The time investments are too great. You have to try to satisfy them both at once.

    I’ve been trying to diversify my existence while attempting to avoid money and time squandering, and it isn’t working. There are too many needs unmet, and too many responsibilities neglected. Work drags me down because it both sucks, and blows, and takes away my outside of work time. Plus, I look around at other people I know, and see them doing all sorts of things – getting married, having kids, going to Haiti to be in the ministry, moving up in the world, going to Europe and travelling, going to Hungary and teaching, etc, and it seems like my existence: an unending loop of work and time-filling, and it seems pretty lacking.

    Count your blessings, Ron. You’ve got lots of friends, lots of activities to do, and a good job that stays there. Just find a few things you enjoy doing and seek those.

  3. Shoot. The sentence fragment “and it seems like my existence” should be, “and it seems like my existence lacks”. Or something like that. It’s supposed to segue into how my life is unlike it.

  4. Joel -> I had assumed the article was writen by a fairly intelligent chimp, or perhaps a team of chimps, and therefore a certain level of grace ought to be given.

    As for my friends, they certainly ought to be at the top of the list, as hanging out with my friends is really the main thing that keeps me oing, and the only thing that makes the 3 things listed worthwhile. (what good is work if all your coworkers suck? What’s the point in watching TV or a movie if you never have anyone to talk to about it?) So yeah, that omission i chalk up to my own stupidity.

    The frustrating thing is that I realize I have it quite, quite good. Besides love, I pretty much have everything I want, and can get anything I need. I feel guilty and ungrateful when I’m unhappy, and it just makes me feel bad about myself. I have this crippling fear that one by one my friends are all going to disappear from my life, and I’ll be left alone. I feel like there’s something important I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m not accomplishing it when I sit around and watch TV.

    I guess it just feels like things have gotten stale inside my own head. It’s all the same thoughts and feelings over and over again, regardless of what I’m doing or who I’m with. I just haven’t felt good about myself in a while, and I’d like to, but I’m not really sure how. .. maybe i’ve just been tired, and ought to get more sleep. I dunno… I think I’m just going to start going some things to break the monotony a little bit. Nothing major… just enough to make things seem different in my own head.

  5. Agreement with Adam. Plus heck, you could be living in Liberia right now. *AND* you got your DS9 discs back last night (alluded to in your post). How can you possibly go wrong?

    Seriously though. I know the feeling too. Malaise strikes without warning. And it’s not like there’s anything in particular that’s to blame or anything in particular that could bring you out of it. But I think you’re on the right track: identify things that keep you going (and revel in them), find some new challenges (but let’s be realistic — are you expecting to recreate Slash’s solos note-for-note?) and I’d add something: try doing things you’ve never done before. I think Ross on ‘Friends’ tried to do that once and hilarity ensued, but it’s still a pretty good idea.

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