Stop Your Whining!


Steve was in town! Joel already mentioned all that… So I’ll just mention that I think my hand was on fire for a little while Friday night, and it was fun.

Deep Space 9 had taught me that in alternate universes, you get to have a lot more sex. Then again, zero times any other number always equals…

I bought a DVD burner the other day. I’m excited. [excited in that ‘meh.. whatevah’ kind of way.]

We watched The Thomas Crown Affair last night. I’d seen it a few times, but I still think it’s good. I need to get a bowler hat, some expensive paintings, and a hot naked women fawning over me.

Attention ladies: from now on, if you think I’m cute, you’ve got to tell me, rather than tell someone else, who doesn’t mention it to me until months later, when you’re hundreds of miles away. Okay? good.

Still no word on who sent me that anonymous card. I really want to know who did that. Please?

Now I’m going to go drink, cause Joel called, and the world is pissing me off.

[update (1:45 a.m.): Alcohol doesn’t make the world suck less, it just makes the fact that the world sucks seem less important.]

8 thoughts on “Stop Your Whining!

  1. Tell Steve to get off his ass and figure out if he’s going with me from Boston to GR (via Toronto and Detroit) in September. I’ve got all of my other baseball tickets except for those two games.

  2. If you liked the TCA -I think it should be abbreviated because that always makes movies cooler-perhaps that reveals some aspect of why you are still single. You see, the movie was pretty sucky. Granted the cool steal stuff and be sneaky was interesting but there was no plot. Essentially a couple thieves fall for each other and then wonder why the other one isn’t trustworty. What is the attraction to either of them? At best the attraction is the -I’ll change this person and they’ll be loyal to me -bit. Pretty shallow basis for a relationship although it always is mildly entertaining/intriguing.

  3. What about the part where he stole the paintings? I kinda glazed past the whole “We’re falling for each other, but we’re enemies” thing, cause I wasn’t particularly interested in that. The way he stole the painting in the first place, and then the whole scene towards the end in the gallary, that was what I found kewl. If someone could explain to me how he stole that last painting (the one he had given to her at the heli-pad) I’d be most interested. It was no Donnie Darko, but it was pretty entertaining, I thought.
    You’d prefer another showing of The Barbarians [] perhaps?

  4. Did you know I have seen that barbarian movie? It is better than the movie where the barbarian twins play a pair of police officers. My personal favorite scene is where they are wrestling a villain (imagine wretling entering the plot) and throughout the fight the villains shirts is on again off again miraculously from shot to shot.

    The best scene in the Barbarians movie is when one starts making this bizarre barking noise while being hung and flexes his neck to break the noose.

    Why do a have a memory for bad films I saw 10 years ago? When will I put this to good use?

    Overall I think the quality of a movie is largely influenced by who it is seen with.

    Not to say your affection for the person is directly related to film quality but the type of relationship impacts your enjoyment.

    I watched the Thomas Crown Affair with Sonya had I seen it with Waldo it would have been more enjoyable. I ditched Sonya for the Matrix which probably would have been good either way.

    I enjoyed the most recent Star Wars less then episode 1. Perhaps seeing this with my geeky friends would have made it better.

    Finally, I saw both LOR with Sonya and they both rocked.

    In conclussion, I have rambled too long and made no solid conclussion.

  5. 1.) Yes, I did know you saw that Barbaian movie.. because I saw it with you.. about 10 years ago, at Calvin, with Jeff, Stacy, and Heather. It was very funny. My favorite part was this witty bit of writing:
    “How can you be alive? They told me you were dead!”

    “They said the same thing about you!”
    [both look at each other with amazed/dumbfounded looks]


    I’ll agree with your “movie quality varies significantly based on those you see it with” thing. Trying to watch Python with the wrong crowd manages to make it not funny. Just as watching Corky Romano or Night at the Roxbury with the right friends manages to make them funny.

    So too, mood can alter appreciation for a movie. I was in a really bad mood when I saw Momento, and I still don’t like that movie [though I recognize that it is prolly pretty good]. I saw IQ when I was in a very good mood, and was convinced it was wonderful until I purchased it, and realized it wasn’t that great. In conclusion: Go Cubs!

  6. Night at the Roxbury simply CANNOT be good, regardless of the company, can it? And Memento was quirky/cutesy at best, not something I even care to see again. CERTAINLY not the 14th best movies of all time, as voted by the esteemed imdb addicts.

    But I still agree with the premise; seeing Blazing Saddles, Raising Arizona, or anything by Monty Python is painful with my wife, hilarious otherwise.

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