Victory and Defeat

Yesterday was a good day, for the most part. After being thwarted in my attempts to get my grubby little hands on Soul Calibur 2 on Tuesday (Though I did manage to get my hands on Season 3 of The Simpsons and Season 2 of Futurama, and there was much rejoicing. Best Buy and Circuit City both claimed they’d be getting the game on the 29th (Friday). Unacceptable. Online, Ebgames promised the game would be out on the 26th (Tuesday). Calling Software, Etc. (screw linking from this point, I don’t have a connection.) they said they’d have the game on the 27th (Wednesday). So, Wednesday, during lunch, Joel, Andy, and I headed off to the Muskegon Mall (a strange oasis or normalcy/beauty in a city of strangeness and ugliness.). They had the game, and I purchased it, and was quite pleased. I also picked up the strategy guide, because I wanted the soundtrack that came with it (it is excellent!), and as a bonus, I now have a book that tells me what I should have done to not suck so much. So we headed back to work, and I was all excited to play, waxing nostalgic about the days of Soul Calibur 1 on the Dreamcast, and the rampant idiocy that it brought about. I popped the Soul Calibur 2 soundtrack in, and began ripping it… and got caught listening to Avril Lavigne in the meantime…. and ended up listening to her album 3 times. I was doing some interesting [to me, I guess] work, and got caught up in that (imagine that, so interested in what I was working on I forgot to do non-work related stuff.. craziness). So finally, it was time to go home, and I was again jazzed to play. Joel suggested dinner, and I was then jazzed to go out to dinner (Logans). After quite some time,Jplant joined us there. (before he showed up, I managed to prove myself a complete and utter yokel when an attractive server from another section came giggling to our table to ask how we were doing, only to be blocked and then practically tackled away by our server. It was odd, and I responded by staring, slack-jawed. I’ll add it to the list of “Why I am still single.” Anyway,Jplant joined us, we had good food, and then we all took off.

I made it home in time to start feeling very, very ill. (Very, Very Ill –> Everything below my neck is trying to digest itself, and everything above my neck is trying to melt itself.) I was not pleased. I cooled myself down with some cold water, and began to feel a bit better. Tried to make a phone call, but no love, and by then it was time to head off to Zeeland, for my first co-ed softball game of the season. I was excited, because I love softball. And softball with girls is even better. I headed on in to Zeeland a little early, and the game before ours (ours was to start at 9:00pm) started late, so I sat and watched for a while. Soon, some teammates showed up.

Team = Brian ->my golf partner/former young people’s leader, Cory -> My friend who is on church council, Hugh -> He and I took turns teaching Sunday School last year, Hugh’s wife Shelly, and their daughters Nicole and Lindsey, Cory’s brother and Nicole’s boyfriend Brandon, Brian and Wendy Kragt, Cory’s sister, Shawn, and Me. Very similar to our team from last year.

We warmed up for a long while, and the game finally ended, and we were set to play. We were visitors, and batted first. We scored 1 in the first inning, and held them scoreless. I ended up playing Shortstop the entire game, and it ruled. I had 1 error (a bad hop on a quick bouncer that jammed my thumb pretty good. I managed to block the ball, but they should have been out easily. The next batter (Melissa Vryhof, my friend from High School and College.), had stolen a base hit from me the previous inning (a line drive towards third that she stabbed at and got… I was not pleased. Anyway, She was up, hit a hard grounder towards 2nd, which I grabbed, ran to 2nd, and then jumped the runner and whipped it to first for a double play. It was slick. Games are 7 innings, and in the bottom of the 6th, they scored 2, to put it at 5-5. Cory dove for a shallow outfield shot, and damn near separated his shoulder again (he claimed it didn’t pop out of socket, but then later claimed that it had moved “more than it ever had before”. So he was out, and we were all quite concerned about him… But he soon was back, and feeling fine, he said. [He was a base coach for the rest of the game]. I lead off the 7th inning, and nailed a nice liner to left center, and stretched it into a double cause I’m hella fast. The next batter hit a bloop shot to short that they missed, but I couldn’t advance. The next batter hit a hard grounder to the pitcher, and I beat out the throw to 3rd (I’m hella fast). In so doing, I ripped my arm up quite well, and really tore my hamstring up again. It hurt.

arm injury

Next batter popped out to 2nd, and I tagged up and scored, because they tried to pick off the guy at first, and didn’t. So that was 1 run, with 2 people still on base (1st and 2nd) The next batter hit a nice long single that scored 2. (8-5). We ended up scoring one more, to leave it at 9-5, and ended up winning 9-7. We were pleased, and it was a ton of fun.

There was just a very nerdish comment just made about pizza.. I will not repeat it.

I returned home, after another failed phone call, and met up with Swac, who had [apparently] just started playing Soul Caliber 2. I joined him, and quickly discovered that I wasn’t very good. The game rules, though, and after some time, I was doing slightly better. I recall Swac and I being fairly even when we played Soul Calibur 1 (though I’ve always been more attractive), so when we ended the evening fairly even, I was pleased. Now it’s time to start unlocking characters, and levels, and cute new outfits, etc.

I’m at Calvin right now, at a work related meeting, and for the last 3 hours, people have been arguing about whitespace. I’m longing for those 24 hours stuck in the Paris airport.

My thanks to all the comments on and off-line about my current church situation. They’ve all been helpful, in their own way… Though I’m thinking some of you now (or still) believe me to be a walking spectre of death and doom. I’ll do what I can to change that perception.. how’s that?

I just had a meeting with people, like… important people, and they were all interested in what I was saying… and I was just kinda saying stuff off the top of my head… and they all seemed to think I was smart. It was very odd. And I think now I have to make a presentation in Dallas… this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

Quotes from the meeting

  • There’s a high street value for bibles. It goes crack, then extacy, then bibles.
  • Well, people are more likely to enjoy [a particular Bible translation owned by a business one of the guys here works for.] after they’ve smoked some crack.
  • Do you have some sort of plastic guard on your keyboard to block all that sarcasm dripping from your mouth?

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