Europe Day 14

We’re on to day 14. I found out today that I had skipped a day, (well, day 5 and 6 got stuck together as one giant day.) so I went through and fixed all that, and we’re back on track. Day 14 we headed to Pisa, and saw the leaning tower, which was pretty kewl (even though everyone [local] in Florence and Rome said that Pisa sucked). Then we went back to Florence, dropped off the car, and I got set to start heading home. As always, there are more pictures to check out.

Day 14

We got up early today (well, not super early, maybe 8:30, I’m not sure.) And paid for the room, then headed down to the sea, and Maryrose had some coffee…

got back to the car, and made our way to Pisa. We got a little bit lost [not too bad, by our standards] trying to decipher their signs… they have a tendency to put the sign telling you you need to turn right even with the place you need to turn at, so you never really get a chance to move over and turn… Anyway, we make it to Pisa, the city, and go looking for the tower… and that takes us a while as well (those signs just sucked ass.. ) Eventually we saw the tall baptistery dome, and just headed toward that (We followed a tour bus for a little while too, which I think helped get us closer.)

the Leaning tower, which is in the same little Piazza as the Duomo and the Baptistery [the tower was built to be a bell tower for the Duomo I believe] was pretty kewl, but a lot shorter than I expected it to be. The entire area was surrounded by this “city wall” type deal, which was kinda neat. And yes, every single tourist there was getting their picture taken as though they were holding up the tower with their hands… it was funny to look down the line at all the different nationalities beating that joke into the ground. Becky, Mindy, and Maryrose all took part, but I did not.. though I think I kinda wish I had now.. such is life.

After Pisa we headed back to Florence.. and after a little trouble (we didn’t know where we had entered the city) Maryrose and I got it all figured out,and even managed to follow the exact path we had mapped out to go.. which on this trip is nothing short of amazing.

We dropped the car off at happy rent, got that all taken care of (so the car gets a big thumbs up as far as not causing us tremendous headaches.. The only real pain was parking, which i believe was more than overshadowed by the niceties of being able to hit Pisa and that lovely beach on the island.

We quick stopped off at the Internet cafe (I’m out of cash, so I just sat and waited.), then walked to the train station. A little while later, a train for Milan showed up, so I rushed over to say goodbye to Maryrose [in line for information], said my goodbyes to Mindy, then Becky, then hopped on the train.. which is where I am now. When I first got on, I sat down in a sections (they have 6 chairs, 3 facing each way, inside these little booths) that had one person in it… soon afterwards this elderly woman joined us… and after a few seconds she turned to me and said “Bologna?”.. [asking if this train went to Bologna]. I said “Milan”. She turned to the other guy in the train, and said “Bologna?”, and he said “ Bologna” (this train makes a stop in Bologna.. I found that out later). She smiled… and the train took off from the station. From then on, every time the train stopped, or the guy got up to look out the window, or anything, she’d turn to him and ask “Bologna?”. She seemed pleased when we finally hit Bologna.

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