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  1. That’s a beauty. I’m jealous. Rachel and I want to buy bikes, probably within the next couple of years. All part of our “get back our 20 year old bodies” project. Yeah, it’s going great, thank you very much.

  2. Toe cages suck. I bought pedals that require the ‘special shoes’, and while I tend to fall over a bit more, they are more than worth it. Camelbak’s rock too, if you drink a lot of water and have the tendency to lose/break bottles (like me).

  3. Yeah, those Camelbak thingers look kewl, and would’ve been nice in Europe… but I don’t see myself buying one of them. I’ll make do with water bottles. I’ve pretty good at going a long while without food or water, I’ve found. I’m still not sold on the special shoes.. Someone with my track record of injuries really needs to be able to bail, jump, and run at any moment. I’ll have to see once I get it out on the road how good/bad it is to just have the normal pedals. Speaking of which, when are we going riding? I know Jplant bikes.. I’m up for it asap.. like today.

  4. Heck, I’ll go today. I went yesterday, so I’ll be a bit tired, but I’ll go. I don’t know if you want to do something like around Reed’s lake, or to someplace a little more exciting, but I’m in either way. There’s a little off-road stuff around Reed’s, but it’s no replacement for some real singletrack.

    Oh: And I felt the same way about water bottles until I started losing them like crazy. Plus, you can put other stuff in the camelbak, like tools, food, etc. You don’t want to deprive yourself of water if you are biking. Bad news.

  5. Special shoes, definitely. While it may be nice to be absolutely sure you’ll never have your feet on the pedals when you don’t want them there, it’s really no more safe, I think, to have them flying off the pedals all the time. This is, of course, mostly relevant to off-road biking, but I’m assuming you didn’t get front suspension and disc brakes for riding around the block.

    Adam seems to have lots of problems with his pedals not releasing, but that should be avoidable. My pedals, lucky for me, came well adjusted, so that I’ve almost never been stuck or popped out unintentionally. But you should be able to find pedals that are either like that out of the box or can be adjusted to work right.

    One tip: if you do get clipless pedals (as they’re counter-intuitively called), take a few rides with them on pavement in not-too-dangerous situations so you can get used to getting in and out of them in a hurry.

  6. Klaas is right. They rock. I need to adjust my pedals (my right shoe comes out to easily, when I pull up, it can pop out) , but Klaas, my falling down has more to deal with my reckless riding than the clipless pedals. I’m really a damn fool when it comes to riding on dirt.
    Toe-cages are more dangerous, and platform pedals don’t let you maximize your power.

  7. Yeah, clipless rock. buy ’em and losen them as far back as they’ll go, then take it easy for a day or two, then start tightening them up till you’re comfortable.

  8. but i will say. if you do get them, you WILL do the first fall. you’ll jump on the bike, clip in and ride 10 feet then stop; thinking this is great. then you try and put your foot down :) you’ll see it coming and you’ll hit the pavement laughing

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