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Yesterday I was cleaning out my closet, and I came upon my boxes of stored memories. I’ve talked about it before: It’s where I stick those things (movie tickets, receipts, pictures, etc.) from events throughout my life that for one reason or another made me happy at some point. Long story made shorter, I came across a number of pictures of my old girlfriend, Sarah. For reasons uncertain to me, I had been thinking about her a bit while I was out in Europe as well, wondering how she is, what she’s up to, etc.. Now, I’ve been contemplating getting a hold of her for years [pretty much since we broke up for good, 4 years ago], and never have. Now and then, I’d hear reports from people who know her that she’s mentioned me [an apology here, a lament there, a kind word about me now and then], though I rarely heard what exactly was said. The time we spent together (all told about 3 years) were sometimes quite good, many times bad, and frequently frustrating, but I know that I cared for her deeply. When I finally decided to stop seeing her, I knew it was the right decision, as I felt the relationship was preventing me from being the person I wanted to be. Anyway, none of that is the point. My question (and I’m in need of help, so if you have any ideas whatsoever, I ask you to please share them) is this: Do you think I should try to get a hold of her (just to talk, I’m not really expecting to hook up with her again)? What kinda problems do you think could/would be caused? Advantages? [and not just for me, what problems/advantages might there be for her?] Is this just my own sad attempt at recreating High Fidelity? Am I just lonely, and grasping on to what I once had in the hopes of feeling less so? I really don’t know much of anything anymore, and could use a little help. Oh, one more thing: I’ve been assured by certain relatives and friends of mine that if I ever tried to contact her, they’ve beat the hell out of me, and I know of at least one person who would hold true to his word on that one. So that should probably be added to the “disadvantage” column. [Unless you sadists out there deem me a masochist.]

4 thoughts on “Gimme some advice

  1. I’d let you decide what weapon I should use to beat you with:

    baseball bat
    pipe filled with concrete
    large knife
    metal chair
    brass knuckles
    golf club (one of yours, so i don’t ruin mine)

    or you could take what’s in the box. (once i’ve decided what to put in the box to beat you with.)

    honestly, i would chalk it up to you being lonely. I can say the only reason to talk with her again would be to see if she changed and to see if you could hook up with her (despite the reason that you gave…i don’t believe it).

    I don’t really see you two becoming friends. Maybe one person would want that, but I don’t think both would want to be just friends. I’d hate to see you dragged into another relationship like that again, even if it began with innocent friendship intentions.

    remember. it was about 1 week of good/decent times to 3-4 weeks of feeling utterly miserable, which may be an advantage to your current situation of feeling indifferent for 4 weeks–at least you would feel decent for 1 week at a time. (GRAY PANTS)

    I’ll leave it at this: You could do much better, and you deserve much better. Don’t settle because your lonely.

  2. Don’t call. What do you expect to happen anyway? You’re just going to get what’s in the box, which is ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING! Oh, and hardship. Lots of that.

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