The Ramblings (Part 3: The Final Ramble)

Okay, I just got back from a wedding with Laura, and I’m pretty tired, but I wanted to finish this thing off, so I can start anew sometime soon. The wedding was a good time [open bar, good/fun table]. Did a little dancing, and a lot of talking, and my share of beer drinking I sat down at a table (there were no assigned seats for the reception, which was something new to both Laura and I, and soon our table was full. I was turned towards Laura, talking to her, when I heard a familiar voice. I turned to see that sitting next to me was Stephanie Klynstra, a friend of mine that I went to school with from 8th grade – Freshman year of Calvin. Something about West Michigan makes that seem like a usual occurance. Anyway, the wedding was fun, and now I’m growing very sleepy, so I will write, then sleep. I’ve got only a few topics left, so I will cover those:

Max and Ermas 2

I’ve noticed that ever since the age conversation, Sara has gone a bit out of her way to talk to me, and this, I think, is pretty snazzy. It’s happened at least 4 times now. Nothing groundbreaking… it’s not like she wants to father my children or anything, but it’s always nice to have a gorgeous girl come over and talk to you. Props to my sister, Kristin, for once again coming through in the clutch. Kris and I have this thing where when we’re going out to a place, we try to find a way early on to make it clear to those around us that we are, in fact, related, and not say.. dating, or something. This time, she has Sara ask us if there was a special occasion [the default hostess conversation piece at Max and Ermas: “Is this your first time at Max and Ermas? Is there a special occasion?”] Sara had said “well, I won’t ask if this is your first time here, cause you’re here more than I am.” Kristin said “Ask me it there’s a special occasion.” Sara did so, to which Kristin replied, “Yes, I’m taking my brother out to dinner.” Nicely done, Kris.

An interesting Evening.

A little while back I went out with Swac, Mandace, and a group of Mandace’s friends (+ her younger sister). We saw the fireworks in Lowell, then went to Cheers, where the girls sang Karaoke. It was a good time, and it kinda reminded me what it was like to hang out with my high school friends, where everything is funny, and the most mundane and trivial of things is such a big deal. Hrm. turns out I’ve changed very little since high school. Dick jokes are still funny, and I still flip out if the girl I like calls me. The girl I like should call me…

Upgrading This Machine

I mentioned before that this webserver machine’s OS was fubar. So about 2 weeks ago, I backed everything up, wiped it clean, and installed Redhat 9.0 on it. I ran into a number of problems with perl’s new unicode functionality. [well.. the fact that it doesn’t work might have been the problem. I did finally get it all working, got mysql 4.0 up and running, and hopefully I can get sendmail working at some point..

Ice Age Show

I was watching a show on the Discovery channel the other day about the most recent ice age, and it was absolutely fascinating. It followed the evolutionary paths of a number of animals… then showed how they all got killed off by man’s over hunting of them. So next time you see that commercial with the crying indian, say to yourself, “hey.. where are all the Woolly Mammoths?” I also saw this show (it was on afterwards) about how animals were supposed to evolve in the next million years… and it was retarded. Pretty much, it was some guy who made up some birds, and insects that could eat the those birds. Why is this on TV? “Hey, I made up something, let’s make a TV show about it.” And no, none of the advanced evolved animals had wheels.

Comcast Gets the Finger.

Have you seen the new Comcast commercial? It’s the one with two nerds sitting on a love seat with two attractive women. The nerds are engaging them in very nerd-like conversation, and they are obviously bored. One girl grabs the TV remote, and turns it to Star Trek. The next clip shows the two nerds transfixed on the couch, watching Star Trek, alone. I didn’t like that commercial.

About Schmidt

I watched About Schmidt the other day. It was pretty good, but not at all what I was expecting. I thought ti was going to be funny, and it really wasn’t, save for a few scenes here and there. It was more of a drama, and a somewhat depressing one at that. But like I said, I thought it was good. Good in that “I don’t see myself ever watching that again, but I’m a better person for having seen it” kinda way.

Mark and my car

Mark fixed up my car the other day..Apparently, I had no brakes. This is a bad thing. So he fixed it up, and PDQ too. Thanks Mark!


I got an email from Mandy Forrest that said I was too fat to go out in public.

Have you seen those Maxim hair dye commercials? They’re awful. Awful!

I’ve talked about Ashby Furlough before. They’re a band from Wisconsin, and I like them a lot. Well, I’d been trying to find more information about them for a while. Swac introduced me to them when he came back from a trip to Wisconsin, as the song “Oops” sported the chorus “My girlfriend has a boyfriend”. Anyway, I tried to get more information online, but never found anything. Well I got an email from someone asking about them, so I decided to do some more searching online again. I found the Walworth County Fair calendar, and it had Ashby Furloughlisted, and mentioned Jon Troast as the lead singer. So I did some more searching, and found a listing for Jon Troast at Inspirational Ministries, and it was located at Walworth, Wisconsin, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I wrote an email to him, and got a prompt reply, and sure enough, it was the right guy. We talked a bit, and he has a solo cd out, which he’s sending my way. Turns out he knows my roommate, Swac, and Swac knows him. [so all that work could have been avoided.] Oh well. Ashby rules.

I’ve been reassured that sex is good.

Kristin and I went to Ikea the other day. I took some pictures. It was fun, and that place rules. I want to go back, as I need a nightstand, and the grill cheese sandwiches we had were awesome.

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean the other day, and it was quite good. The effects were impressive, and Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom were excellent in it.

I threw a LAN party last weekend. Here are pictures of that. It started out with Ut2k3, which was hella fun. [The frozen Bombing Run level continues to be a favorite of mine, as it requires a lot of teamwork, and there are vicious battles constantly taking place at the center point. Later on, we headed over to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which was a lot like old Unreal Tournament: Assault, only more fun, and run better. Put simply: You play as Axis or Allies, and you have a mission to perform, like “Steal a tank, bust open a safe, steal gold, put the gold on a truck then drive the truck away” or “It’s D-day. Get up the beach, and blow up the big gun controls”. It was quite fun, though I had a really hard time telling the two different teams apart. I’m trying to get enough people interested in another lan party, this time with the two teams in different rooms, so teams can talk out loud without the other team listening in on them. I’ve got a few people interested, what do you say?

Okay, so I tried to convince myself that since the Cubs did not manage to finish the first half of the season above .500 (they were exactly .500), I would no longer assert that they will go to the post season.. but dangit, they’re going to the post season, and you can’t stop them! And now they’re under .500. Stupid Cubs.

I saw HEAT, finally, the other day. It was very good, and quite long. I saw it with Laura and Cathy over at my place. We started it late at night.. and it just kept going on and on… but like I said, it was good.

VH1 just came out with their list of the 200 greatest pop icons of all time. It can be found here. To call it laughable is far too kind. Bottom line: VH1, your stupid. Stop trying to pretend you have any idea what’s going on. And stop trying to compile lists of who’s important or influential when you choose what people going to famous in the first place. It’s retarded. You put JFK jr. above JFK. WTF? The list sucks, and I hope it just goes away.

This note will likely become it’s own entry, but I’ll mention something real quick: I received a letter at work the other day. It had no return address, and the card in the letter had no signature. The card itself said the following:


Now wouldn’t you just like to know who’s sending you this big ‘Hello?’


Well, I won’t say, ’cause I’m confessing, it’s much more fun to keep you guessing.

The postmark was from Grand Rapids, on July 19. The only handwritten thing appears to be a smiley face drawn inside the card. I really need to know who sent it to me, cause it’s driving me crazy. So if it was you, please let me know, so I can thank you properly.

5 thoughts on “The Ramblings (Part 3: The Final Ramble)

  1. Oh. Jon Troast. Yeah, I know him too. He lived on my floor freshman year. He played in a band in the fish house every so often. Assuming, of course, this is the same one.

  2. Yes, the VH1 list was seven ways of stupid. I’ve heard the same thing from people on Fox News and ESPN as well; it was bad enough to make news all over the place. It’s not even “bad, but spawning intelligent discussion”, it’s just, like you said, “bad, now please go away”.

    My bet on the postcard is your honey at Max and Erma’s. Wouldn’t that just be sexy?

  3. Joel-> Prolly the same guy. I recognized his photo in thr bod book.

    Pcg-> Very sexy, and very unlikely. If it were true, my life would be a hell of a lot more fun though.

  4. hey, thanks for the info on Ashby Furlough. i couldn’t find anything about them online either. when you get that cd, you should make it available for others to listen to. yes??? please??? :-)

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