Europe Day 9

More journals, to go with more pictures. This journal entry was written the same day as yesterdays, while we wandered aimlessly around Rome in our car. It was a good, relaxing day on day 8. We did the tourist thing for the morning, and in the late afternoon – evening we just sat around, drank, and played cards. It was exactly what we needed. Anyway, enjoy. This one’s a shorter one, so you whiners out there should be able to handle it.

Day 9

The next day we went back to the duomo and baptistery, and went inside, and wow. Back in the day,people were all about detail. I wonder if these artists that did all this were just trying to outdo each other, or if there was just some deep down love of art that made them create these things.. cause yeah, they’re amazing, but there’s just so much on each one… you can’t help but think it’s like nowadays with people just building taller skyscrapers to outdo other nations/companies/people.

i will say this, i like how these old cathedrals have lots of murals and paintings and carvings and etc.. showing the lives of saints and disciples and Christ, and old testament stories, etc.. A non-believer could walk in, and at least get the idea of what this structure was all about: you’ve got Jesus there, and on one side you have angels and saints in heaven, and the other side you have hell, with people being tortured and punished. I think if I was an unbeliever, I’d at least want to know what I could do to make sure I didn’t end up getting tortured.

[we’re more lost, and people are getting flustered… Not a good sign when the navigator says “what am I supposed to say?” I’d be (more) annoyed if I hadn’t already said yesterday that I knew this was going to happen.]

When we went to the Church, we had taken the bus.. and we hadn’t paid.. While we were on I read (and pointed out) that were were already supposed to have tickets, and if the driver asked to see them, and we didn’t have them we’d be charged 40 euros.

We sat inside the baptistery for a long while, then went into the duomo (we had to wait for services to end, I believe) they had signs saying that shorts, tank tops, and all sorts of other things were forbidden inside the church, but few people seemed to care. the inside of the church was amazing. it was just so tall, and so overwhelming.. Everything in it seemed so symbolic. You really get the impression that you’re in the presence of something so much greater than you when your inside it.. I guess I kinda wish I got more of that feeling when I went to worship at my church.

On the way back to the campsite, I decided to just walk. Mostly because I wanted to just be alone for a while, and take things at my own pace, and just enjoy being in Florence. (The 40 Euro charge thing might have entered in my mind as well) Florence is a beautiful city, and it seems like wherever you are, you get a great view of the city. So I walked back to camp, and it was a bit of a trek..prolly about the same as the night before.

While I was walking, I passed a tour bus, and there was this girl on that looking down. I smiled, and she waved,and I smiled again, and continued on my way. About a minute later, as I was walking along, I heard a bus approaching,and as it passed, i heard pounding on the window,and I looked up, and that girl was pounding again, and waved, so i waved. Then she flicked me off.. What the hell is that? Unless she was propositioning me, I’m kinda pissed about that.

When I got back to camp, the girls were hanging out in the cafe.. so I joined them there, wrote in this journal for a little while, then we ended up playing cards and drinking the rest of the day… we ate fair amount, drank a fair amount, and generally just relaxed the rest of the day, which was exactly what we needed.

[Maryrose has taken charge of finding out way through Rome, and I’m feeling a bit more confident that we’re going to find what we’re looking for, though I’ll admit I have no idea where we’re trying to go.]

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  1. Just so you know, I never volunteered to be the leader, you guys always made me, and I always got us lost, so why was I always the leader?

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