Biking fun.

I went biking withJplant, Adam, and Swac last night, which was hella fun. We did a loop or two around Reed’s Lake, including a few trips through some wooded trails (Wooded Trails –> Narrow dirt/mud paths in a wooded forest area with steep inclines and equally large descents, often coupled with unfortunately placed trees demanding quick turns or the sacrifice of some body parts.) All was going quite well until I noticed [while zipping down a sizeable hill in one of the trails] that my rear brakes appeared to be making a nasty scraping sound, and didn’t appear to be slowing the bike at all. At that moment, I was more concerned with the not slowing/stopping part, as I was movig at a pretty good clip. I managed to make it down without falling or hitting anything, which pleased me, but a look at the brakes told me something wasn’t right. There were some pretty sizeable scrapes in it. Adam‘s diagnosis today was this [which made sense to me]:

(11:00:02) Adam: Someone never tightened that back pad on the inside, and as a result, you braked with one pad, and the calipers.

So that’s not so kewl. I made it the rest of the way back without braking much, and it was still quite fun, but Swac brought the bike back to Galyans today, and hopefully they got it all fixed up. That’s my story.

7 thoughts on “Biking fun.

  1. I told Ron this yesterday, I have a bike but it is very small. Plus it only has one gear, “Bust Tuuk’s Ass”. I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with you guys. Oh yeah… and it only has brakes on one of the wheels.

  2. A biker gang would rule. I ride those single track trails behind the baseball field by Reed’s Lake a lot they are nice, but to short. I really wanna go to Cannonsburg.

  3. Ron, I can’t imagine you in a bike gang. You need to get yourself a chopper instead. I’m ever so thankful to you because I can’t remember any of the places we went and your lovely journal has reminded me. Now I can tell people accurately (because if i read it on the internet it must be true) where i went.

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