5 thoughts on “Corky

  1. Sure, the 76 checked out. But if you were going to use a corked bat, wouldn’t you make sure that the bats in the clubhouse/dugout with your name on them *didn’t* have any shred of cork in them, just in case something happened to the one in your hand?

    this is just me being devil’s advocate, i guess. I hope Sammy’s vindicated eventually. He did something stupid, and he can get on my nerves sometimes, but he’s great for the sport.

    Gosh, I sure hope I still get those DS9 discs from Ron now.


  2. The best part was when he lied saying that he didn’t know the bat was corked.

    Peter Gammons had an interesting idea on Baseball Tonight a few nights ago. They shouldn’t suspend Sammy; they should allow him to play (thus NOT punishing the Cubs as a team) and give his salary for those eight (seven) games to charity. That would be $750,000 boys and girls. Seems like a much stiffer penalty than just making him sit, and punishes the right person.

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