We have been camping in Florence. Today we are set to head off to Rome, then stay there a few days, then drive up to the beach (or an island, something I dunno) and camp. then it is off to the train station, up to Paris, and back home for me. Florence is amazing.

6 thoughts on “Florence

  1. 10 to 1 you’re disappointed when you get to Rome, compared to the beauty that is northern Italy. Say hi to the catacombs for me!

  2. Well, Peter owes me $10. After 4 years of high school Latin, and a slew of high school and college level history-ythology classes, Rome was awesome. We saw the Pope today, then toured the Vatican. Amazing stuff… turns out the Roman Catholic Church has some money. We leave Rome tomorrow for Pisa and the beach. Ought to be nice.

  3. words cannot express hwo jealousof you i am right now. if you are in florence look up my favorite pub- “the moonlight bar”. god i hate not being there. every day.

    rome isnt near as good. “pcg” is 100 percent correct.

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