We got into Italy, picked up motorcycles (they call them scooters, but they are allowed on the highway, and go way too damn fast.. we found that out the hard way.), and drove from Milan to Florence through the mountains. It was gorgeous, but I hate hate hate the motorcycles, and Mary Rose and I took a few spills.. the last one caused some damage to my right leg and left wrist. It hurts.

oh yeah.. we drove past the Ferrari factory… we passed by a Ferrari GTO and a wicked looking Lotus.

5 thoughts on “Italia

  1. so, um. are you recording all your thoughts and dreams on your fancy new visor keyboard? will we get your daily journals when you can come back and upload them?

  2. 1.) Maryrose, not Mary Rose.
    2.) Mary -> remember the toll way?
    3.) Joel -> yes, the keyboard is working great, and Ive written quite a bit, in typical ron fashion. Ill prolly go day by day once I get back, and do the full 2 weeks in 2 weeks.
    4.) Mark -> there will be pictures. Ive been pacing myself well, and have about 275 MB worth now.. quite a few video clips, etc. and we havent gotten to Rome yet.
    5.) Adam -> I am certain there are many people skilled in the art of motorcycle riding/driving that agree with that. For myself, however, having never driven one, nor desired to, then adding on the life of another person, and the additional weight and awkwardness of two full packs.. those bikes were hell.

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