I’m in France. This connection is costing me over 10 cents a minute

9 thoughts on “France

  1. So were you supposed to be in Italy by this point Ron? Is the train strike getting in the way of your plans? Here’s your assignment from me for your vacation: Find an Italian hottie and get a photo of her and yourself in front of the Coliseum. I’m sure all your lame pick-up lines will work wonders in Italy.

  2. I’m in Nice. Trains are still causing problems… just trying to get out of France.
    Was just at a beach.. People here are all about the topless. It’s hard to take pictures of the skyline without looking like a perv when there are breasts everywhere.

  3. Hey – casualties of war, Ron. If you are trying to take pictures of scenery, and some boobies interfere, just mark them up to soldiers lost in combat. Otherwise, you’ll get a lot of pictures of high-up scenery in exotic places. “Here’s a seagull at a fine beach in France”, or “Here’s the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I’d have taken pictures of the rest of it, but the nuns there are straight out of ‘girls gone wild'”.

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