And there was much rejoicing.

Check THIS out! My thanks to my cousin Tim for sending the good news along.

A cause for Joy, as Ed and Good Morning, Miami are slated to return for full seasons… and it looks like Ed is headed back to its Wednesday time slot (I wonder if that’s true or not… I’d be pleased if it was.) I’m also pleased that my guns-a-blazin’ trip to New York can be skipped again this year.

I’m currently trying to decide how best to celebrate this good news… Buying myself a present seems like the best idea so far.

11 thoughts on “And there was much rejoicing.

  1. You had better buy your celebration present now (fist waving in the air)!!!!

    Oh – if you do go buy it – does that mean I have to buy a Gamecube?

  2. i decided to keep writing in the sucky day thread b/c instead of checking your home page – it was soooo much easier to hit refresh instead. I’m an idiot – what can I say. Lo and behold you have a new thread started.

    heh – so when are you getting your TV and me my Gamecube?

  3. The question right now is 51″ or 57″.. I’ll have to check out best buy, and see if I can get some deals… So odds are I’ll successfully be able to talk myself out of it by this afternoon, and not have to worry about it for another few weeks.

    You’re getting your gamecube today, though.

  4. Definitely the 57″ — the 51″ is for wimps and wussies. Especially since you already denied the beautiful 65″ screen that the guy at Circuit City was going to hand you on a platter for the low price of ~$2400.

    There – I’ve made the decision for you :D Wasn’t that easy and painless?

  5. Sigh… That guy was following me around the entire store like a lost puppy for a long time… Thanks again for that. I’m pretty sure he promised me his firstborn if I bought the thing… which I should have bought anyway, obviously.

  6. Now with all the computer talk and buying new things. I am wanting a new laptop :(
    Mine is so noisy – some design flaw in the old Dell Laptops before they redesigned them in 2001. I even went ahead and looked at the Dell website – sigh, I’m drooling.
    I could get a wireless card for my current laptop. I brought it home with me and it’s sitting in my makeshift bedroom at the parents’ house. Then I’d really be bothering you :))

  7. Free Shipping on Everything in Best Buy

    Take your sister Kristin along with you – she’ll probably get the TV for free, or pretty darn close, using her Jedi mind tricks

  8. Oh… my….

    They’ll deliver to me here? No crazy 6 hour car trip to get the world’s greatest pizza ever? Hrm.. We could have a pizza party to celebrate my new TV…

  9. I am very, very tempted to buy about 4-6 pizza and have them delivered to my door.

    That would rule…and I could bribe people to actl like my friends.

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